How to Get a CFAW Reimbursement

College for a Weekend Reimbursement Offer

If you travel to College For A Weekend (CFAW) via train, plane or bus (e.g.. public transportation) and then enroll as a student for the Fall 2016, we will reimburse your fare up to $750.

This offer is only valid:

  • On transportation that brings you directly into Lynchburg.

(Please note: If you travel to a location other than Lynchburg, you will only be reimbursed if you rent a car to use to travel directly to Lynchburg or utilize Transit Services to travel to Liberty from Lynchburg or Roanoke. Personal transportation will not be reimbursed.)

  • For domestic and international travel.
  • As a one-time reimbursement. Students who attend more than one College for a Weekend are not eligible for more than one reimbursement.
  • After Add/Drop week in the Fall 2016. We will not accept reimbursement requests until September 5th 2016.
  • Reimbursement requests MUST be recieved by the last day of classes, December 9th. No exceptions will be made.
  • Information must be brought into our office, no electronic submissions will be approved.

Charges that will not be reimbursed include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Checked baggage fees
  • Flight change fees
  • Seat upgrade fees
  • Travel insurance, ticket insurance, or any other type of insurance (including renter's insurance for car rentals)
  • Meals
  • Gas for a rental car or personal car
  • Hotel expenses
  • Tips, valet costs, concierge fees, etc.

Reimbursement Instructions:

During your first semester as a Liberty University student and ONLY after January 25, 2016, you must bring the following information to the Student Advocate Office:

  1. Your CFAW registration receipt or CFAW registration confirmation email. (Don’t have either of these? Come see us anyway! We will take a look through our registration archives for a record of your attendance.)
  2. Your travel itinerary. This should have your name on it, with dates that correspond to the CFAW for which you attended, as well as the price for your ticket with an itemized list of costs. It should also contain your departure and arrival destinations. (If your itinerary does not show that your final destination was Lynchburg, VA., you must provide receipts showing that you rented a car to get to Lynchburg, VA.) 
  3. Your Liberty ID Card/Flames Pass.

Did you attend CFAW as a “half-priced friend”*?

You are also eligible for a reimbursement for your plane, train, or bus ticket up to $750 (for new or transfer students for the Fall of 2015 only)! Please bring the three items detailed above and we will be able to reimburse you for your travel!

*Before and including the Spring of 2015. The option to attend as a "half priced friend" is no longer valid for students who attend CFAW Fall 2015 forward.