LU Praise

LU Praise Team

About the Team

LU Praise is a 25-member gospel concert choir that serves as an official representative team for Liberty University's Center for Music and Worship.  The group performs various styles of music used in the African-American choral tradition, including but not limited to:  Black Gospel, Gospel Song, Spirituals, Hymns, Scripture Song and Sacred Classic.  Our mission is to bring glory to the name of Jesus Christ through song and worship.  We aim to do this through the presentation of songs in the musical language of the African-American worship tradition.

Where We've Been

LU Praise has sung at churches close to home here in Lynchburg, VA, but have also traveled as far as Trinidad and Tobago.  When they're not singing with the choir at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, they can be found traveling to churches in Georgia, Florida, the Carolinas and northward to Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Audition Information

LU Praise members are chosen and given scholarships to be a part of this group based on spiritual maturity, vocal ability and academic potential and achievement.  The selection process includes an extensive written application, an audition and interview, and two callback auditions.

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Booking Information

Thank you for your interest in Liberty University's LU Praise.
For more information on booking LU Praise, contact Mr. Scott Bullman at 434-592-4840 or by e-mail at