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Students Behind our Servicemembers

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Leadership of SBS

President: Judy Brewer

Vice President: Cari Crabtree

Staff Advisor: Kathi Kuenzi

About us

Students Behind our Servicemembers (SBS) is a student-run organization that was founded in the Fall of 2007 by Amanda “Mandi” Verlander, under the former name of Students Behind Our Soldiers (SBS), who had a vision to serve and give back to the brave men and women who serve in the U.S. military and their families. 

The group changed to its current name in the spring of 2014 to reflect that they are not just serving soldiers but all of our men and women in all of the branches of the military. The organization’s primary activity is sending care packages overseas; it sent over 200 care packages during the Fall and Spring semesters. The group has also assisted the Office of Military Affairs with events such as Military Family Fun Day, and Military Emphasis Week in addition to other various community and campus events throughout the semester.

Opportunity to Serve

The mission of Students Behind our Servicemembers is to create awareness and appreciation for our military and support for service members through a variety of methods such as: 

  • Care packages: collecting donations, packing and shipping packages overseas
  • Ministering to patients in veteran hospitals and nursing homes
  • Ministering to family members of those serving in the military
  • Hosting campus events to raise awareness of SBS and provide opportunities for students to support military service members
  • Various outreach efforts in the local community

Christian Service

There is no greater need than to support and minister to those who risk their lives daily for our freedoms. The brave men and women at the front lines protect the freedom that we all enjoy and often take for granted. Although a simple “thank you” goes a long way with these humble guardians, SBS is dedicated to doing much more by offering support and showing sincere gratitude for their sacrifice.

Students Behind our Servicemembers is approved for Christian/Community Service (CSER) credit.

Leadership & Resume’ Building Experiences

Are you passionate about God and country? Do you have a special heart for ministering to military men and women? Students Behind our Servicemembers has openings for motivated students who want to fulfill more than just minimum requirements, to go above and beyond for our military. This sometimes requires a sacrifice of time to plan, organize and work events, but the rewards are great for those who give back to the community and country. A position with SBS will not only teach you critical job skills, such as leadership, organization, communication and problem solving, it will also build your résumé with extracurricular activities that apply to real work/life experience.

Please contact us at for more information on leadership opportunities at SBS!