Graduate Catalog 2013-2014

LAW 610 - Child Abuse and the Law

This is a course designed for students interested in public service and working on behalf of abused children.   Students who enroll in this course will have diverse practice interests such as, being a criminal or civil child abuse prosecutor, guardian/attorney ad litem, child protection attorney, or public interest lawyer.  The course is designed to provide an overview of the prosecution process in civil and criminal cases involving child abuse and neglect.   Students will learn the internal path of both a criminal child abuse case as well as the civil process for protecting children from further abuse or neglect.  This course will explore the necessity of working with a multi disciplinary team of professionals in preparing a case for the court process as well as the necessary skills needed to communicate with child victims.   The course will require observation of a criminal or civil child abuse case. Ethical responsibilities of prosecution will be addressed.

LAW 535, 541, 545

Credits: 2

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