Graduate Catalog 2013-2014 [Archived Catalog]

COUC 870 - Quantitative Research and Advanced Statistics Seminar


The course is designed to assist dissertators in clarifying, developing, and completing their dissertations by examining both the methodological and practical issues involved in quantitative research designs and advanced, multivariate statistical methods. Under the supervision of the instructor, students will present their own dissertation research ideas to the seminar participants for discussion, critique, and advice. Specific attention will be given to insuring that students craft research questions that build upon previous research and then selecting an appropriate research design and statistical analytic strategy. Concerns about internal and external validity will be addressed, as well as measurement issues, data quality, statistical power, and effects sizes. Additionally, institutional guidelines regarding thesis and dissertation policies and procedures, the Human Research Review Committee application, publication options, timelines, committee membership, etc., requirements will be reviewed.

Credits: 3

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