Graduate Catalog 2013-2014

NURS 618 - Nursing Education I: Teaching Strategies and Evaluation


This course provides students with a variety of teaching strategies and evaluative approaches designed to promote a productive and effective learning environment. Selected teaching learning theories are examined and applied to the role of nurse educator and nursing education practice. Students establish nurse education practicum goals and objectives and are required to obtain a nurse educator preceptor. Practicum hours involve practical observational and hands-on experiences in both the clinical and classroom environments.

An educational site affiliation agreement with a student selected approved facility is secured and a practicum contract is developed and established with an approved nurse educator preceptor prior to enrollment in this course; practicum hours are initiated in NURS 618.  Students must meet all pre-practicum requirements prior to enrollment in NURS 618; refer to Graduate Nursing Handbook for pre-practicum requirements.

NURS 500, 504, 505, 506, 617. Most coursework should be completed; see Nurse Educator DCP.

Credits: 3

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