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If you need help with something not listed here please send us email and we will respond as soon as possible. Additional help topics will be added as we receive input from users like you. To comment further on InfoRM and to help us make it more useful to you, please give us feedback.


Cannot See Entire Page

Occasionally the text of a Web page is longer than your screen can display. To see the rest of the page, use the scroll bar — often displayed vertically along the right side of the browser or horizontally along the bottom of the browser.

For a few quiz questions it might appear that the question is cut off or does not have a "Submit" button. The quiz pages are divided — the top part for the questions and the bottom part for the answers. You may have to scroll down to see the complete page.

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Known Bugs

The ThinkFast game in Module 1 sometimes works too fast. If you encounter this problem, you can retake the game to answer any of the questions that went by too fast. Or, you can try the non-Flash version, though that too is timed.

If you think you have found a bug, please give us feedback and let us know what make (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and version of browser you were using when you encountered the problem.

We will add to this page as bugs are identified.

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Sections Not Loading

If you have sections of pages not loading, it may be because you do not have all the plug-ins you need. Return to the main page and go to the "Technical Specifications" page to download the plug-ins. If you do not want to download the Flash Player or want to save time, click on the "non-flash version" to see the same thing as simple Web pages.

If you have a slow modem connection, it may take some time to load the images. Most of the images are just for fun, so you don't need to see them. Others provide important information, like a screen you might encounter and need to use.

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