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Costs & Payments: Semester and Summer Programs

The cost for a student to attend a semester Study Abroad Program will be at least the same cost of attending Liberty University for a semester. If the cost of the Study Abroad Program at the cooperative institution is greater than the cost to attend Liberty for the semester, then the student is responsible for the additional cost of the program. Additionally, there is an administrative fee of $1,200 to participate in the Study Abroad Semester Program and $600 to participate in the Study Abroad Summer Program.

The cooperative institution will invoice Liberty University for the total amount of the Study Abroad Program. Liberty pays the Study Abroad Program invoice to the cooperative institution and then charges the student’s account.

* Please note that some Study Abroad Programs may have additional out-of-pocket expenses during the semester abroad. It is the student’s responsibility to pay the total cost in full by the Study Abroad Program deadlines indicated below. Additionally, there are no payment plans available and students will pay by completing Financial Check-In for their semester or summer abroad. Students can check balances through their ASIST account. Please make careful note of these expenses, procedures, and plan accordingly. *

** Study Tour costs and payments vary depending on the trip and do not follow the above procedures or below deadlines. Please see the study tour page for more information.

Deadlines for Semester and Summer Program Payments

Fall Programs Deadline – July 1
Spring Programs Deadline – December 15
Summer Programs Deadline – May 1