The Liberty Archive preserves materials for a number of institutions including Liberty University, Thomas Road Baptist Church, the Moral Majority and Falwell Ministries. The archive contains loose papers, books (listed in the Library Catalog), audio/visual materials, and various other materials.

The archive does not house historical photographs, slides and negatives. That collection is kept by the Marketing Photography department.

Collection Lists:

Affiliated Schools

  1. Liberty Christian Academy (LCA)
  2. Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
  3. Liberty Home Bible Institute
  4. Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy
  5. Willmington School of the Bible
  6. Educational Programs
  7. The National Civil War Chaplains Museum
  8. Liberty University Online Academy

Falwell Family Papers

  1. Falwell Family
  2. Falwell Publications
  3. Jerry Falwell Sr. Initiatives
  4. Speeches and Sermons
  5. Jerry Falwell Sr. Correspondence
  6. Jonathan Falwell Papers
  7. Jerry Falwell Jr. Papers

Falwell Ministries

  1. General or Multiple Ministries
  2. Miscellaneous Ministries
  3. Old-Time Gospel Hour
  4. Liberty Godparent Home
  5. Liberty Village
  6. Liberty Counsel
  7. Liberty Baptist Fellowship
  8. Hope Aglow Ministry
  9. Liberty Alliance

Liberty University

  1. Presidential Papers    
  2. Vice-President’s Papers
  3. Records of the Board of Trustees
  4. Papers of the Faculty Senate
  5. Papers of the Chancellor's Office
  6. Registrar's Office
  7. Office of Institutional Effectiveness
  8. University Offices and Departments
  9. Office of Academic Affairs
  10. Administrative Materials
  11. Liberty University Policies and Official Documents
  12. Liberty University Faculty
  13. General University Materials
  14. Papers of the College of Arts & Sciences
  15. Papers of the School of Business & Government
  16. Papers of the School of Communications and Creative Arts
  17. Papers of the School of Education
  18. Papers of the School of Religion
  19. Papers of the College of General Studies
  20. Helm's School of Government
  21. Papers of the School of Business
  22. School of Law
  23. School of Aeronautics
  24. Institute of Biblical Studies
  25. Distance Learning Program Materials
  26. Liberty University School of Life-Long Learning (LUSLLL)
  27. Liberty Bible Institute
  28. Information Services
  29. Jerry Falwell Library
  30. Center for Computer & Information Technology
  31. Ceneter for Academic Support & Advising Services
  32. Athletics
  33. Center for Research and Scholarship
  34. University Buildings and Grounds
  35. Alumni Materials
  36. Finances and Funding
  37. Student Affairs
  38. Student Organizations
  39. Accreditation Materials
  40. TRACS Accreditation Materials
  41. Papers of the Human Resources Department
  42. School of Health Sciences
  43. School of Engineering and Computational Sciences
  44. School of Music

The Moral Majority

  1. The General Materials of the Moral Majority
  2. Projects and Programs
  3. Capitol Office Materials

The Personal Papers

  1. Papers of Dr. Lawrence Cranberg
  2. Papers of Claude W. Lawson

Thomas Road Baptist Church

  1. Members and Member Group Materials
  2. Church Ministries
  3. General Materials
  4. Publications
  5. Official Papers
  6. Financial Materials

Other Collections

  1. Preachers and Evangelists
  2. Theological Issue Materials
  3. Other Institutions
  4. Mission Groups
  5. General Historical Materials
  6. Baptist Traditions
  7. National Issue Materials