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Housing Requests

Housing Requests

Need a Change?

Looking to change your room assignment or swap rooms with another student? Or, maybe you just need more floor space in your dorm room. See below for some of the options that may be available to you. We’ll do our best to help get you what you’re looking for. 

Bed Buyouts

Interested in having a room to yourself? Throughout the first three weeks of the semester, students living on-campus in a room with an open bed may submit a request to "purchase" the empty space in their room. Bed Buyouts cost $800 per semester.

  • Bed Buyout Instructions - Click to View


    Requests for Spring 2019 are closed. Requests for Fall 2019 will open in August.


    You must already be assigned to the room you are requesting to buy out. If you’re interested in switching into an empty room to take advantage of this option, you may submit a Room Change request first. 


    Bed Buyouts are $800 per semester, which must be credited to your Student Account prior to final approval.

    • Upon conditional approval, you will be notified that you have 5 business days to ensure that the $800 credit is present on your account, which can be done by contacting Student Accounts.
    • After the credit has been confirmed on your account, we will notify you of final approval and place the $800, non-refundable charge.


    Bed Buyout requests will operate on a semester basis; approval for future semesters may be obtained by submitting a new request at the beginning of each semester. Your approved request will grant you use of the additional space and furnishings of the room for the full semester. All other guidelines in the On-Campus Living Guide regarding furniture still apply.


Furniture Adjustments

You can bunk, de-bunk, loft, de-loft, and adjust the height of your own bed. View our instructional videos below for assistance. Or, you can submit a work order to have it professionally adjusted.

  • Furniture Adjustment Instructions - Click to View

    You can rent or return bed pieces at the Office of Residence Life front desk to rent or return bed pieces. You must always have at least two people participating in all furniture adjustments. All bunks and lofts must have safety rails attached at all times with one side against a wall.

    How to Bunk/Un-Bunk a Bed

    How to Loft/Un-Loft a Bed

    How to Adjust Bed Springs



Loft Kits

If you are in a two-person room (double room), you can request a loft kit for a charge of $50, which will be added to your student account.

  • Loft Kit Instructions - Click to View


    Loft Kit requests are currently closed. They will reopen in July.


    Requests will be approved based on inventory.

    If approved, you may install your Loft Kit yourself, or you may submit work order to have it professionally installed. See the section on Furniture Adjustments above for more information on installation.

    All bunks and lofts must have safety rails attached at all times, with one side against a wall.


Overnight Visitors

If you would like to have a visitor stay overnight on your hall, submit an Overnight Visitor request for approval!

  • Overnight Visitor Request Instructions – Click to View

    Requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance. Notice of approval or denial will come to you via email.

    According to the On-Campus Living Guide, all overnight visitors:

    • Must be of the same gender and be between the ages of 16-25
    • Are permitted to stay on campus for a maximum of five nights per semester (whether consecutive or non-consecutive)

    Overnight visitors are not permitted during finals week, CFAW, or University breaks.


Room Swaps

During the academic year and over the summer, you can request to swap rooms with another student.

  • Room Swap Instructions - Click to View

    During the Open Housing period (late-April through the summer), you can request a room swap for the Fall semester via email. This requires written consent from both you and another student, in separate rooms, agreeing to swap your room assignments. If you agree to the room swap, you must both email residencelife@liberty.edu with the following information:

    • Name
    • Student ID
    • FERPA Number
    • Current Room Assignment
    • Desired Room Assignment
    • Name of student that you will be swapping with

    Once the Office of Residence Life has received an email requesting the room swap from each of you, please allow 1-2 business days for processing.

    Keep in mind that no student is required to change their room assignment once they have secured one.



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