Student Travel

Tour Programs

Semester and Summer Programs

Application Steps

Requirements and Instructions

Preliminary Deadlines

Sept. 30
Spring Programs

Feb. 1
Summer Programs

March 15
Fall Programs

Criteria for Acceptance into Programs

  • 3.0 GPA Current Cumulative GPA (most recent degree audit)
  • Minimum of 24 credits completed by program date (sophomore, or higher grade level)
  • Be in good standing with the Office of Student Affairs
  • Adequate financial resources and/or financial aid to cover necessary expenses
  • No outstanding balances on student account at Liberty University
  • Signed Liberty Liability Waiver
  • Passport copy (current for at least 6 months beyond program end)

Please refer to each partner organization for requirements within the individual programs.

Application Instructions

  1. Research our programs, noting which locations offer courses related to your major.
  2. Send us an email letting us know when you wish to study abroad and what you wish to study, and when you are available to meet for an appointment with the Liberty University Center for Student Travel.
  3. Submit an application for the affiliate program of your choice.
  4. Schedule an appointment with your Academic or Professor Advisor, receiving academic clearance and a copy of your Degree Completion Plan.
  5. Submit a completed Course Approval Form to Registrar.
  6. Make an appointment with a Study Abroad Financial Aid Counselor, taking note of any details regarding loans, grants, or available scholarships.
  7. Submit your completed packet (including a copy of your passport) to the Center for Student Travel.
  8. Attend the pre-departure meeting.