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Student Government Association


Branches of the Student Government Association

  • Executive Officers (President, Vice President) - Oversee all branches of the SGA.
  • Legislative Branch (Student Senate) - Writing Bills, amending documents, and successfully ensuring the rules of Liberty University meet the needs of the students and administration.
  • Executive Branch (Class Officers) - Representing the needs of each class to the legislative branch and providing entertaining events for each class.
  • Judicial Branch (LU Student Court) - Handles violations of the SGA or club constitutions, impeachment trials for SGA and club officers, and traffic violation appeals.


Getting Involved

Students who wish to become involved with the Student Government Association are encouraged to do so. Executive Officers preside over the entire SGA; elections for student body president and vice-president take place toward the end of the spring semester of the previous semester. The Executive Branch is comprised of class presidents and senatorial committee chairmen and women. Each class elects officers to advocate on the class' behalf to the SGA. Elections for class president and vice-president take place within the first three weeks of the fall semester for that year. The Legislative Branch, which is comprised of the Student Senate, is the SGA's largest body. Each hall on campus elects one representative at the beginning of the school year to represent that hall in the senate. Senators have the opportunity to vote on legislation and voice the concerns of students on his or her hall. Off campus students may apply to be a Commuter Senator to represent the needs of the commuter student population. Furthermore, the senate also accepts applications for at-large senators. The term for all SGA elected offices is one academic school year. For more information on how to get involved with the SGA, please contact us by email.

Connecting With Us

Phone (434) 582-2323
Location Green Hall 1884
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Twitter @LibertyUSGA