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Liberty Athletics Directory

Mailing Address

1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg,VA 24502

Athletics Administration

Phone: (434) 582-2100
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Jeff Barber Director of Athletics
Mickey Guridy Senior Associate Athletics Director - Internal Operations
Erin McKeown Associate Athletics Director - Senior Woman Administrator
Dr. Bill Gribbin NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative
Kris Sennett Athletics Department Business Manager
Courtney Hall Women's Olympic Sports Director of Operations
  Field hockey, Lacrosse and W. Soccer  
Keely McMillon Women's Olympic Sports Director of Operations
  Softball, Swimming, W. Tennis and Volleyball  
Karen Goodwin Athletics Department Receptionist


Academic Affairs for Athletics

Phone: (434) 582-2105
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Kristie Beitz Senior Associate Athletics Director - Academic Affairs
  Football and M. Basketball    
Matt Anthony Associate Director Academic Affairs for Athletics
  W. Swimming, Golf, Field Hockey and Baseball  
Courtney Huffman Assistant Director Academic Affairs for Athletics
  Football and M.Basketball  
Jeni Coleman Academic Coordinator
   W.Basketball, W.Soccer, W.Lacrosse, and M&W Tennis & Cheerleading  
Michael Johnson Academic Coordinator
  M&W Track  
Jessica Lloyd Academic Coordinator
  Softball, Volleyball and M.Soccer  
Morgaine Godwin Student-Athlete Development Coordinator
Rueben Gaines Graduate Assistant
  Football and M. Basketball  
Marc Williams Technology and Tutor Coordinator


Athletics Communications

Phone: (434) 582-2292
Fax: (434) 582-2076
Todd Wetmore Associate Athletics Director for Communications
  Media Contact for Football and Golf  
Ryan Bomberger Associate Athletics Communications Director
  Media Contact for M. Soccer, Football (Secondary) and Baseball  
Eric Brown Assistant Athletics Communications Director
  Media Contact for M. Basketball, W. Soccer and Web Site  
Paul Carmany Assistant Athletics Communications Director
  Media Contact for W. Basketball, M/W Track and M/W Cross Country  
Joe Carmany Assistant Athletics Communications Director
  Media Contact for Volleyball, Softball and Swimming  
Dwayne Groff Athletics Communications Graduate Assistant
  Media Contact for Field Hockey, Lacrosse and M/W Tennis  


Athletics Compliance

Phone: (434) 592-5719
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Bert Locklin Associate Athletics Director for Compliance
Ashton Turner Director of Compliance
Matt Bevins Compliance Coordinator


Athletics Equipment

Phone: (434) 582-2052
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Chris Dunfee Head Athletics Equipment Manager
Reese Braband Assistant Equipment Manager
Ryan Carr Assistant Equipment Manager


Athletics Facilities

Phone: (434) 582-2549
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Dan Maxam Assistant Athletics Director - Facilities
Mike Farris Assistant Facilities Director
James Roe Facilities Assistant


Athletics Marketing

Phone: (434) 592-3905
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Kevin Keys Director of Athletics Marketing
Mike Minyard Associate Athletics Director - Sales and Promotions
Alan York Play-by-Play Broadcaster/Sales
Dan Adams Marketing Assistant
Brett Metcalf Marketing Assistant
Jamie Keys Assistant Licensing Coordinator/Marketing Assistant
Tim Lavender Athletics Video Content Coordinator
Nick Pierce Athletics Audio Content Coordinator


Athletics Ticket Office

Phone: (434) 582-7328
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Anna Whitehurst Assistant Athletics Director - Ticket Operations
Joe Rixon Assistant Director of Ticket Operations – Athletics

Seth Mullen

Assistant Director of Ticket Operations – Concerts and Special Events

Ryan Kindt

Director of Ticket Sales


Development/Flames Club

Phone: (434) 582-2582
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Bob Good Associate Athletics Director for Development/Flames Club
Lauren Thom Assistant Director - Events & Donor Relations
Aaron Thompson Flames Club Associate
Olivia Fridgen Flames Club Associate


Game Operations

Phone: (434) 592-3925
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Matt Staton Assistant Athletics Director - Event Management
Morgan Skillman Game Operations Graduate Assistant


Sports Medicine

Phone: (434) 582-2407
Fax: (434) 582-4620
Jason Porter Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine
Barry Finke Senior Associate Athletic Trainer - Head Football
Aaron Schreiner Senior Associate Athletic Trainer for Men's Sports - M.Basketball, Golf & Rehab Coord.
Erin Moore Senior Associate Athletic Trainer for Women's Sports - Volleyball, M&W Tennis
Mary Green Assistant Athletic Trainer - Track & Field, Cross Country,
Dan Brown Assistant Athletic Trainer - W. Soccer, Softball, Swimming
Jesse Cops Assistant Athletic Trainer - Assistant Football
Dan Preusser Assistant Athletic Trainer - M. Soccer, Baseball
Jen Tapken Assistant Athletic Trainer - Lacrosse, Field Hockey
Ben Galley Assistant Athletic Trainer - W. Basketball, Cheerleading
Kim Newton Athletic Insurance Coordinator & Administrative Assistant   


Strength and Conditioning

Phone: (434)582-2106
Fax: (434) 582-2076
Bill Gillespie Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Dave Williams Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Karyl Bacon Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
E.L. Estes Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Jesse Irizzary Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Colin Dugan Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach



Phone: (434)582-2103
Fax: (434) 582-2912
Jim Toman Head Baseball Coach
Jason Murray Assistant Coach
Garrett Quinn Assistant Coach
Zach Haley Volunteer Assistant Coach
Jonathan McMahon Director of Baseball Operations



Phone: (434)582-2100
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Jenny Sydnor Cheerleading Coach
Jordan Ballard Assistant Coach
Amy Wilgus Assistant Coach


Field Hockey

Phone: (434) 582-2393
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Jodi Murphy Head Coach
Jacki Raithel Assistant Coach
Tilly Brampton Assistant Coach
  Prospective Student Athletes please contact



Phone: (434)582-2040
Fax: (434) 582-2049
Turner Gill Head Football Coach
Aaron Stamn Offensive Coordinator/Tight Ends
Dennis Wagner Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line
Joe Dailey Assistant Coach - Quarterbacks
Jamaal Fobbs Assistant Coach - Running Backs
Juan Taylor Assistant Coach - Wide Receivers
Robert Wimberly Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers & Safeties
Vantz Singletary Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line
Marshall Roberts Recruiting Coordinator/Cornerbacks
Josh Bookbinder Assistant Coach - Outside Linebackers
Bryant Lewellyn Assistant Coach - Defensive Tackles
Kyle DeArmon Offensive Quality Control
Charlie Skalaski, IV Defensive Quality Control
Paul Rutigliano Assistant Athletics Director for Football Administration
Dr. Ed Gomes Director of Spiritual Development
Danny Wenger Video Coordinator for Football
Heath Kimmel Director of Football Recruiting
Zel Farrow Executive Administrative Assistant


Men's Basketball

Phone: (434)582-2337
Fax: (434) 582-2361
Dale Layer Head Men's Basketball Coach
Brian Joyce Assistant Coach
Vince Walden Assistant Coach
Omar Mance Assistant Coach
Matt Olinger Director of Basketball Operations
Rebekah Ray Administrative Assistant


Men's Golf

Phone: (434)841-1347
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Jeff Thomas Head Golf Coach
Eric Klinger Assistant Coach


Men's Soccer

Phone: (434)582-2381
Fax: (434) 582-2076
Jeff Alder Head Men's Soccer Coach
Dean Short Assistant Coach
A.J. Madero Assistant Coach



Phone: (434) 582-7255
Fax: (434) 582-4499
Dot Richardson Head Softball Coach
Bob Pinto Assistant Coach
Paige Cassady Assistant Coach


Men's Tennis

Phone: (434) 582-2409
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Chris Johnson Head Men's Tennis Coach
Rich Benson Assistant Coach  


Women's Tennis

Phone: (434) 592-6259
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Jeff Maren Head Women's Tennis Coach
Giancarlo Lemmi Assistant Coach



Track & Field/Cross Country (Men's & Women's)

Phone: (434) 582-2135
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Brant Tolsma Head Track & Field/Cross Country Coach
Lance Bingham Associate Head Track & Field Coach
Clendon Henderson Assistant Track & Field Coach
Andrew "Pete" McFadden Assistant Track & Field Coach
Josh McDougal Assistant Track & Field/Cross Country Coach
Rebekah Ricksecker Assistant Track & Field/Cross Country Coach
Daniel Newell Director of Operations


Women's Basketball

Phone: (434) 582-2907
Fax: (434) 582-2908
Carey Green Head Women's Basketball Coach
Alexis Sherard Assistant Coach
Andrea "Andy" Bloodworth Assistant Coach
Brittany Campbell Assistant Coach
Sarah Boruta Director of Women's Basketball Operations
Katie Garlick Administrative Assistant


Women's Lacrosse

Phone: (434) 582-2564
Fax: (434) 582-2076
Kelly Nangle Head Lacrosse Coach
Annie McGinley Assistant Coach
Meghan Harkey Assistant Coach


Women's Soccer

Phone: (434)582-2768
Fax: (434) 582-2205
Jessica Hain Head Women's Soccer Coach
Laura Armstrong Assistant Coach
Adam Godwin Assistant Coach
Brian Davidson Volunteer Assistant Coach  


Women's Swimming

Phone: (434)582-2100
Fax: (434) 582-2076
Jake Shellenberger Head Women's Swimming Coach
Jessica Barnes Assistant Coach


Women's Volleyball

Phone: (434)582-2614
Fax: (434) 582-2631
Shane Pinder Head Volleyball Coach
Jennifer Vaden Assistant Coach
Rebecca Rudnick Assistant Coach