ESL Programs & Courses

English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

16-week Academic Preparation Program

  • Four-level intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program (Fall and Spring intakes)
  • Placement tests given at the beginning of each term
  • Students take 15-20 hours of class per week
  • Qualified and experienced faculty and staff
  • Small classes provide one-on-one attention
  • The ELI is comprised of students from more than 12 countries, with over 75 countries represented at Liberty University

Students who complete the ELI do not need a TOEFL score to enter Liberty University’s undergraduate programs. 

However, students applying for Liberty University’s graduate programs will need to submit a TOEFL score of 80 or an equivalent score on the iTEP in order to be accepted.  

Bridge Program

Students in level 4 of the Academic Prep Program qualify for our Undergraduate Bridge program. The Bridge program allows Liberty students to begin taking undergraduate classes for credit while they are still enrolled in the ELI.

  • Writing 4
  • Grammar 4
  • Lab
  • Academic Reading
  • Math 121
  • BWVW 101

Online Program

English language online courses give you the opportunity to take courses and earn a certificate from the Liberty University English Language Institute from wherever you are.

ELI-Online application

Residential ELI Courses

Reading Skills (I-II):

A course in which students use the extensive reading approach to language learning. Course will include background theory of the method, reading strategies and vocabulary development, and bridges between reading and other language skills.

Novels (Reading levels III-IV):

A content course for Intermediate students in the English novel, focusing on fiction for three required novels, one play and one novel of choice at the appropriate reading level from an approved list. This course also focuses on increasing the student’s reading speed. Students will read, discuss, listen to lectures and write about the assigned literature.

Writing (I-IV):

Course provides high beginners to low intermediate students with guided and free practice writing grammatically correct sentences within simple paragraphs. Students will learn the basic parts of a sentence and elements of a paragraph and practice combining sentences, using adjective clauses and writing in the simple past, present, future and present continuous tenses.

Film Seminar (level 3/4 students):

A course in using films for autonomous language learning practice. Explores ways to use films for improvement in multiple language skill areas. Teaches scaffolding techniques to make films and other language input more accessible and comprehensible. This course is only available to intermediate high students.

Grammar (levels I-IV):

Course engages low intermediate students in basic English grammar concepts and skills to be applied in writing, speaking, listening and reading. It also addresses increasingly complex sentence structure patterns and principles of paragraph construction.

Listening/Speaking (levels I-IV):

Students practice listening and speaking skills needed in an academic setting. Emphasis is on listening for academic content and participating in classroom discussion.

Idioms (levels III-IV):

A study of English idioms, exploring both meaning and use. Addresses idioms in all four skill areas . Students will learn to recognize and understand idioms from their context and how to use them correctly when speaking and writing.

Vocabulary (I-II):

Students will study and practice vocabulary words from the Academic Word List (AWL) through readings, workbook activities, small group discussion and role-plays.

Pronunciation (I-II):

Focusing on the mechanics of the American English spoken language, students learn to form their mouths to make American English sounds and learn common patterns or rhythm, intonation, reduction and linking in speech. Students will use play scripts to improve their public speaking, oral language skills and appropriate response patterns.