Dr. James Jones, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Dr. Jones received his Ph. D. in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. He spent 10 years of his career designing, implementing, and maintaining financial systems in a large IBM-compatible mainframe environment.

He dealt with typical financial systems: accounting, payroll, budgeting, inventory, billing, etc. He then went to the complete opposite end of the software spectrum: from traditional transaction processing systems, to theoretical work in artificial intelligence.

Dr. Jones has a passion and a “knack” for applications (and for applied research). He also has a keen interest in the theoretical foundations and the broad sweeping issues of machine reasoning. His specific area of expertise is logic programming, which is the use of logic to represent and reason about knowledge. Some of the key features of this paradigm are the ability to represent and reason about uncertainty, the ability to represent and reason about multiple ways of viewing the world, and the ability to perform default reasoning with exceptions.

It is this last feature that is particularly powerful, granting machines the ability to perform “common sense” reasoning. Dr. Jones has been investigating the use of these tools in the areas of deception detection, Social Network Analysis, national security, and Enterprise Information Systems.