Professor Michael Maiuzzo

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
School of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Michael Maiuzzo is an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the School of Engineering and Computational Sciences at Liberty University.

Mike received a BSEE degree from the University of Maryland at College Park, an MSEE degree from George Washington University in Washington DC, and is a PhD candidate in EE at the University of Virginia. He worked in the defense industry for 40 years, developing engineering design and analysis methodology for the IIT Research institute.

He began as a specialist in electromagnetic wave propagation, developing and overseeing the automation of methods adopted by others including the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder CO. After several years, his area of research interest expanded to the impact of collocating electronic equipment. This involved developing and overseeing the programming of nonlinear circuit and system analysis methods. Mike worked with other specialists at Syracuse University and published papers on related subjects.

Mike is a Senior Member with the IEEE and has presented technical papers at over twenty symposia and has had three IEEE Transactions papers published. Mike authored a section in the IEEE Press textbook Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Mixers dealing with mathematical modeling of receiver mixers. In addition, Mike published over sixty technical reports, dealing almost exclusively with performance and modeling of electronics equipment and systems, within the Department of Defense.

As Science Advisor, Mike also taught classes in topside electromagnetic nonlinear effects to engineers at the Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Center and at the IIT Research Institute. He specialized in modeling of communications, radar and other electronics systems using MATLAB-SIMULINK.

Mike has been granted 12 patents for electronic circuits within the past 12 years and has 11 more pending. One is a unique error-correction signal-processing chip installed in Satellite communications receivers that doubles the error correction power of the receivers. Three of these patented circuits have been successfully tested and 2 are on track to be installed on numerous ships.  For one of these two, Mike recently received an Inventor award for participating in the largest ever Navy/DoD patent licensing agreement. The third successfully-tested prototype is the subject of an IEEE paper which Mike and his co-authors (his LU students) are waiting approval for an October presentation.