Faculty Advisors for Residential Students

Liberty’s residential students are assigned a residential faculty advisor, according to their program and the first letter of the student’s last name.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

 *This list will be revised for the 2014 fall semester.

The First Letters of your Last Name Faculty Advisor Contact Email
A - B Dr. Jeanne Brooks jupchurch@liberty.edu
C - DA Dr. Denise Daniel ddaniel@liberty.edu
DE - F Dr. Fernando Garzon fgarzon@liberty.edu
G - HO Dr. David Jenkins djenkins@liberty.edu
HU - L Dr. Anita Knight aknight7@liberty.edu
M - O Dr. Clay Peters cpeters@liberty.edu
P - SA Dr. Melvin Pride mpride2@liberty.edu
SC - TH Dr. John Thomas jcthomas2@liberty.edu
TI - Z Dr. Joy Mwendwa jmmaweu@liberty.edu


Professional Counseling/Marriage & Family Therapy

A - J Dr. Victor Hinson vdhinson@liberty.edu
K - Z Dr. Elias Moitinho emoitinho2@liberty.edu


Human Services

A – H Dr. Laurel Shaler lshaler@liberty.edu
I – Z Dr. Fred Volk fvolk@liberty.edu

Ph.D. in Counseling

As Needed Dr. Gary Sibcy gsibcy@liberty.edu
As Needed Dr. Lisa Sosin lsosin@liberty.edu

Pastoral Counseling

As Needed Dr. Ron Hawkins rehawkin@liberty.edu
As Needed Dr. Dwight Rice dcrice@liberty.edu