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Heroes Fund Scholarship

Liberty University is proud of our country’s heroes who have given so much for our freedom.  We know that this freedom comes at a high price for many. To show appreciation for our service members who have been wounded while protecting our liberties, Liberty University has created the Heroes Fund Scholarship.

The Heroes Fund Scholarship is offered to service members and honorably discharged Gulf War (1990-present day which includes Desert Shield, Desert Storm, OEF & OIF) veterans meeting one or more of the following criteria*:

  • Be a recipient of the prestigious Purple Heart OR
  • Rated 50-100% disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs for a “combat-related**” Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  OR
  • Rated 50-100% disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs for “combat-related**” injury, illness, or condition
  • OR a Spouse was killed in action during one of the Gulf Wars.

Students awarded the Heroes Fund Scholarship are governed by the "Recipient Standard Operating Procedure" and will be required to sign the document acknowledging receipt and understanding.

 *Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.  If you feel you should receive this scholarship, but your situation is not listed above, please complete this application and submit supporting documentation.

**Important Note:  “Combat-Related” is defined on page 6 of the CRCS Section 1413a, Title 10, United States Code, Revised Program Guidance, January 2004.   Liberty University also uses the Combat Related Definitions as defined by the U.S. Army Human Resources Command to help further explain eligibility qualifications.

Documentation needed for review of Scholarship Eligibility (based on eligibility above):

  • Purple Heart Certificate/Award Letter.
  • Veteran Affairs Disability Award letter with findings of PTSD and/or medical conditions/injuries with 50-100% disability rating. This document will list specific disability and percentage information for each illness/injury. (Note: the VA Disability Award letter is the only accepted document to verify VA disability rating.)
  • Any additional medical documentation you would like to submit to justify a VA rating as "combat-related". (Note: "Gulf War incurred", “service connected” and/or “in the line of duty” does not necessarily mean "combat-related").
  • Certificate of Eligibility of current GI Bill eligibility status or a VA letter stating you have exhausted all of your GI Bill benefits.
  • Member 4 copy of your DD-214 (if discharged from the service).
  • Marriage License and supporting documentation (for spouses).

Note: All Veteran Affairs documents must include all pages beginning with the cover page through the signature page.  Submitting incomplete VA documents will delay the review and decision of your Heroes Fund Scholarship application.

Students approved for this scholarship will be awarded an amount to cover all remaining tuition and fees once financial aid, military aid, and Veteran’s Affairs Education benefits (GI Bill) have been deducted from the total amount of tuition and fees charged.

Every Heroes Fund recipient must apply for any eligibile Federal Financial Aid by filling out the FAFSA.

Funding is only awarded for classes that contribute to a Liberty University degree being pursued. Continued award of this scholarship for subsequent degree programs will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

This scholarship is provided by the generous donation of Liberty University supporters. Continued award of this scholarship may be re-evaluated based on the availability of funds and increased need/applications.

The Heroes Fund Scholarship program is intended for those students who are pursuing their first Bachelor's and/or Master's degree. Applicants who have already obtained a Bachelor's and Master's degree at another institution or Liberty University and/or are registered as are a non-degree seeking student at Liberty University are not eligible at this time.

To apply, please complete the Heroes Fund Scholarship Application.