Policy Labs

The Liberty Debate Institute offers three Policy Labs. Each lab is tailored towards students with a specific level of policy debate experience, and students should take this into consideration when selecting a summer camp. 

View a sample schedule for Policy Debate Labs.

Future Champions Lab

Dates: June 21-June 27

Price: $450 resident / $150 commuter

The Future Champions Lab is a one week beginner’s lab for students with no previous policy debate experience. In this lab, beginners will gain the skills and knowledge to begin debating immediately and participate in practice debates.

Policy Lab

Dates: June 21-June 27 OR June 28-July 4

Price: $450 resident / $150 commuter

The POLICY Lab is a one week policy lab for intermediate to advanced debaters. This lab focuses exclusively on skills development with numerous practice debates throughout the week. The debaters also benefit from individual and small group instruction research techniques, debate theory, and in-round strategy.

Virginia Scholars Lab

Dates: June 21-July 4 (two week camp)

Price: $875 resident / $300 commuter

The VIRGINIA SCHOLARS Lab is a two week policy lab tailored exclusively for the championship debater. It features personalized debate instruction, small group theory, kritik, strategy, and topic discussions as well as one-on-one skills development. Each debater receives additional research on specific affirmative and negative strategies.

Price Details

A $100 non-refundable deposit must accompany all camp applications by June 4.  The cost of camp covers room and board.  Students will stay on Liberty University residence halls.  All meals are provided by the Liberty University cafeteria and SODEXO Food Service. Students will receive three meals a day served buffet style.

The Liberty Debate Institute offers scholarships to debaters with financial need and discounts to qualifying debaters and coaches: