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Liberty University to sponsor events promoting creationism

February 5, 2009 : Dominique McKay

As the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday — Feb. 12 — draws near, Liberty University will be hosting several events to counter this and to promote the biblical view of creationism. Mat Staver, dean of Liberty University School of Law, and LU’s Center for Creation Studies, directed by Dr. David DeWitt, have helped to coordinate the events. The events have been designed to explore the different aspects of evolution and point out the theory’s significant problems.

The first event is Liberty University School of Law’s 2009 Symposium, “Intelligent Design and Public School,” scheduled for today. The program from 1 to 6 p.m. in the Supreme Courtroom at the law school is free and features nationally-recognized legal scholars. The symposium concludes with biochemist and author of “Darwin’s Black Box,” Dr. Michael Behe, who will deliver the keynote address at Pate Chapel. Dr. Behe will be critiquing Darwin’s “Origin of Species.” Tickets for the dinner may be purchased from the law school by calling (434 )592-5300.

The law school will also be showing films on creation in the Supreme Courtroom. The movie “Expelled” will be shown in the Supreme Courtoom on Feb. 20. The film “Unlocking the Mysteries of Life” will be shown on Feb. 27. All the films will begin at 7 p.m.

A lecture, “Whatever Happened to Darwin’s Tree of Life?,” takes place at 7 p.m. Feb. 12 in DeMoss Hall 1113. The event will feature Dr. Paul Nelson, of the Discovery Institute, who will take a deeper look at genetics and evidence in DNA data disproving Darwin’s evolutionary theory that all life comes from a common ancestor.

Thomas Road Baptist Church is also offering a special event this month. The Answers for Darwin Conference, Feb. 15-17, featuring Ken Ham, who founded the apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis. Liberty professors DeWitt and Dr. Marcus Ross will also be speaking. DeWitt will focus on how evolution is based on an interpretive framework and why a creation model of life makes sense. Ross will be speaking on the evidence in fossils that support a creation view and in what areas the theory of evolution falls short. The conference is free and the public is invited.

“I hope they will be able to see there is evidence supporting a creation view and that those who are skeptics will be challenged to take it more seriously,” DeWitt said. He also hopes the conference will equip Christians in the debate.


LU’s Center for Creation Studies is an educational and research center and includes professors DeWitt, Ross, Dr. Terry Spohn and Dr. Douglas Oliver. Now offering a Creation Studies minor to students, the center’s primary focus is the Creation Studies 290 course. In addition to speaking at several colleges and churches, the members of the center regularly publish several articles and books supporting the biblical view of creationism (most recently DeWitt’s “Unraveling the Origins Controversy”).



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