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Liberty’s annual Fall Communion Service was held Wednesday in the Schilling Center. This year, the interactive, experiential walk-thru service (held during Campus Church in the past) allowed staff and faculty to join students in a memorable worship experience.
Jonathan Falwell’s new book “One Great Truth: Finding Your Answers to Life” is about finding sufficiency not in ourselves, but in Christ.
Applause filled the Vines Center at Wednesday’s convocation as Liberty University’s own Dr. Ed Hindson took the podium... Hindson’s battle started last winter when medical tests revealed that he had major blockages in five of his main cardiac arteries. He needed open heart surgery, and it initially seemed like the surgery went fine.
Teresa Dunham
From the time she was a young lady, Macel Falwell, wife of the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, had two dreams in life related to her talents: to play the piano in front of an audience and for people to view her artwork. The first dream was fulfilled as she served for many years as pianist alongside her husband at Thomas Road Baptist Church.
Liberty University hosted some of its biggest supporters this past weekend as the Board of Regents convened for its annual on-campus meeting.
Mitzi Bible
The newest members of the Jerry Falwell Legacy Society at Liberty University were presented with framed certificates at the Chancellor’s Legacy Dinner Saturday night at Campus North.
University Advancement staff
Faculty, staff, students and distinguished guests gathered Friday at Liberty University’s main religion building for the dedication of the new Towns-Alumni Lecture Hall. The new 750-seat lecture hall, named in honor of Liberty co-founder Dr. Elmer Towns, features sloped floors, cushioned chairs and state-of-the-art lighting and acoustics.
Eric Brown
Liberty University’s Office of Promotional Publications is sponsoring LU Model today and Thursday, to sign up any students, faculty and staff who are willing to be “the new faces of Liberty” by participating in university photo shoots throughout the year.
University Advancement staff
The Rev. Jonathan Falwell, senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, has been named Vice Chancellor for spiritual affairs at Liberty University.
Mitzi Bible
Randall Price has spent more than two decades of his life unearthing remnants from Biblical times at archaeological digs in Israel, Greece, Jordan and Rome.
Teresa Dunham
After more than 30 years of ministry, 59-year-old Hartless is the person students turn to when they need financial guidance or some motherly advice. Her office on Campus North is a virtual beacon for confused students — and they show up with all kinds of questions.
Teresa Dunham
Liberty University School of Law professor Basyle J. Tchividjian has respect for his grandfather, but so do millions of people around the world. That’s because his grandfather is evangelist Billy Graham, or to him, “Daddy Bill.”
Mitzi Bible
On a spiritual gifts test, Dave Young’s highest scores are for primary leadership, administration and faith. “I guess I am a builder by nature. I like to build programs,” said Young. As Dean of Liberty University’s newly formed School of Aeronautics, that’s exactly what Young is doing.
Teresa Dunham
For more than 15 years, Dr. Ronald Godwin has served Liberty University, working directly for the Chancellor via many of the university's affiliated ministries. Most recently he has served as Liberty's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. On July 1, he was officially named Vice Chancellor.
Mitzi Bible
Birthdays are always a cause for celebration, and even today - the day Dr. Jerry Falwell would have turned 75 - there was celebration. As signs around the Montview Mansion on the Liberty University campus read, it was a celebration of the memories and the ongoing mission of “our pastor, our chancellor, our friend.”
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