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Hollywood producer, speaker, author and media consultant Dr. Phil Cooke demonstrated to students the need for more quality Christian work in the media during Liberty University’s Monday convocation. ...
Allison Cundiff
Liberty University’s convocation on Wednesday left many students feeling patriotic and ready to vote in November’s mid-term elections. The message had a political focus as former Virginia governor George Allen and former U.S. congressman Bob McEwen addressed students. Allen and McEwen discussed the value of maintaining a free market and personal liberties in America.
Allison Cundiff
Christian author Bruce Wilkinson, best known for his book “The Prayer of Jabez,” spoke at Liberty University’s convocation Friday, basing his message on three “generations,” represented by three chairs he had placed in front of the podium. ...
Paul McLinden
Luis Bush, founder of Transform World Connections, kicked off Missions Emphasis Week at Liberty University on Monday by urging students to concentrate on reaching the next generation. ...
Allison Cundiff
Bestselling author and president of Westminster Theological Seminary Dr. Peter A. Lillback spoke to students at Friday’s Constitution Day convocation about the relevance and importance of the Constitution. ...
Allison Cundiff
Evangelist Clayton King encouraged and energized students during Liberty University’s Spiritual Emphasis Week, which kicks off each semester. ...
Allison Cundiff
Jason Mattera, a popular young conservative leader, was a special guest at Liberty University’s convocation on Friday. ...
Mitzi Bible
The Rev. Sam Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) returned to Liberty University today to speak at convocation, which was also part of The Awakening 2010 conference being held on campus and at Thomas Road Baptist Church. ...
Paul McLinden
Liberty University students were driven to humility during Wednesday’s convocation as Joni Eareckson Tada spoke about her experience as a disabled hero to God’s children around the world. ...
University Advancement staff
As the highlight of Youth Emphasis Week, Liberty University gave a warm welcome to Wednesday convocation speaker Josh McDowell. An internationally renowned youth evangelist and author, McDowell has been an LU favorite for close to 40 years. ...
Kristen Riordan/University Advancement staff
Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. announced in convocation today that Liberty University is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by Liberty Counsel challenging the legality of the healthcare reform bill signed by President Barack Obama on Tuesday.
Sarah Deskins
In his first visit to Liberty University, bestselling author John Ortberg focused on the importance of spiritual formation at Wednesday’s convocation. ...
Mitzi Bible
Lord Christopher Monckton, the first member of British royalty to speak at convocation, presented issues with the current climate change scare driven by prominent figures within the scientific and political communities. ...
Elizabeth Mayhew
A record 2,300 prospective students and their family members have flooded Liberty University’s campus for the semester’s first College For A Weekend (CFAW). ...
University Advancement staff
Liberty’s Missions Emphasis Week is taking place Feb. 15-19.
Marcelo Quarantotto
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