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More than 8,000 people closed out 2009 at Liberty University’s Winterfest, shattering a record for the eight-year-old event. ...
By David Hylton
In light of a bittersweet goodbye for Christmas break, Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his wife, Becki, treated all LU students to free kettle corn this week. ...
University Advancement staff
Mark Simpson may not be able to walk, but he definitely can snowboard. Born in Bombay, India, with deformed legs, Simpson suffered many medical complications before finally having his legs amputated in 2005 at the age of 17. Now in his freshman year at Liberty University, he recently decided to get out of his wheelchair and try snowboarding at the school’s new year-round ski slope. ...
Sarah Funderburke
Christmas excitement is stirring around the campus of Liberty University as students contribute their time and talents in presenting the 2009 Virginia Christmas Spectacular, an annual Broadway-style production presented by the Worship Ministry of Thomas Road Baptist Church. ...
Sarah Deskins
Winners have been announced for the first-ever Liberty Mountain Trail Series — four-races covering 27.4 miles of mountainous terrain on the Liberty University campus. ...
Sarah Funderburke
Liberty University’s paintball team sponsored the Liberty Open on Saturday, the first National Collegiate Paintball Association event to be held on a college campus. ...
University Advancement staff
Liberty University’s 2008-09 “I Am” edition of the Selah Yearbook has won the Pacemaker award from the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP). ...
University Advancement staff
On Sunday, Oct. 25, the new Liberty University Crew Team took one giant stroke toward establishing a successful rowing program at Liberty. The men’s and women’s teams placed in their first regatta, Head of the Lafayette, in Norfolk, Va. ...
University Advancement staff
Liberty University’s Students Behind our Soldiers received a $16,000 donation from Regal Entertainment Group on Thursday night. ...
Mitzi Bible
Liberty University kicked off the 2009-10 academic year with a bang on Thursday night. Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. and wife, Becki, hosted the largest Liberty freshman class on record at Williams Stadium for the annual Chancellor’s Cookout.
Angelica Atkins
The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre has been drawing a lot of attention since it opened to the public on Aug. 2. ABC News traveled to Liberty Mountain this week to shoot a segment on the year-round ski slope — which is the first of its kind in America.
Angelica Atkins
A Forest, Va., facility has signed on to become the site of activities for Liberty University's first equestrian club.
Eric Brown
A number of media sources recently reported that Liberty University banned Democrats from meeting on campus. One headline erroneously read: “Democrats at Liberty University forced to meet off campus.” Apparently many journalists do not let the facts get in the way. ...
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Graduating seniors were treated to a picnic at the Falwell Farm in Bedford County, home of Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his wife, Becki, on May 2. ...
Dominique McKay
A grand opening celebration is being planned, including the first games inside the new Campus North facility. ...
Eric Brown
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