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Online Graduate Students should contact the Online Writing Center.

Residential Students

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*Schedule your appointment one week in advance or less. You can get up to two appointments a week.

Online Students

What to Expect

Develop skills and competence in the technical aspects of writing through the coaching services at the Graduate Writing Center.

Our Coaching

  • Our writing coaches teach you the skills you need rather than simply proofreading or editing your text. We’ll offer you our suggestions after reviewing your paper.
  • Appointments are one hour in length.
  • We are unable to accept walk-ins.

What to Bring

  • If your paper is under ten pages, bring a hard copy to the appointment, as well as any research and the professor's instructions/rubric.
  • If your paper is more than ten pages, please email a copy of your paper at least one business day in advance, as well as bringing a hard copy to the appointment along with any research and the professor's instructions/rubric.

Please note what we are not: we're not a drop-off service or a proofreading, editing service. We believe great writers develop through discussing ideas together and improving writing together. Dropping off a paper for an editor just does not cut it. Bring a printed and unmarked copy of your paper, and we'll work together.

GRST 500 - What You Need to Know

You may notice GRST 500 on your Blackboard course listing, and you may have some questions about it. Read to learn more.

GRST 500?

  • GRST 500 stands for "Introduction to Graduate Writing" and is a required course for all incoming residential graduate students.
  • Though it does not contribute credits toward your degree program, GRST 500 prepares students for the unique expectations of graduate-level writing, including topics such as documentation, thesis development, organization, and writing in various genres. 

The Course

  • To receive credit for GRST 500, students must either (1) pass the embedded assessment, or (2) attend the six class sessions and complete the coursework.
  • To learn more about the course, please see the GRST 500 textbook.

The Assessment

  • The Graduate Writing Assessment is multiple-choice and deals with grammar and critical thinking.
  • The assessment is a mandatory requirement for ALL incoming residential graduate students.
    • Assessment for Residential Students: If students answer at least 38 questions correctly, they are exempt from GRST 500. If students do not answer 38 questions correctly, they are required to take GRST 500.
    • Assessment for Online Students: Online graduate students placed in GRST 500 must complete the course regardless of their assessment test score. 
  • All students must remain registered for GRST 500 regardless of their score on the test. Students will “pass” at the end of the semester when final grades are submitted.