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8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

phone (434) 592-4727
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Online graduate students should contact the
Online Writing Center.

Great writers develop by discussing ideas and improving their writing together. Because of this, the Graduate Writing Center wants to help you succeed by working with you.

Since we’re not a drop-off proofreading or editing service, we’ll need you to bring a printed, unmarked copy of your paper when we meet. This way, we can work on your writing­­ together.

Residential Students

Make an Appointment

*Schedule your appointment up to one week in advance. You can have up to two appointments a week.

Online Students

What to Expect

Develop skills and competence in the technical aspects of writing through the coaching services at the Graduate Writing Center.

Our Coaching

  • Our writing coaches teach you the skills you need rather than simply proofreading or editing your text. We’ll offer you our suggestions after reviewing your paper.
  • Appointments are one hour in length.
  • We are unable to accept walk-ins.

What to Bring

  • If your paper is under ten pages, bring a hard copy to the appointment as well as any research and your professor's instructions/rubric.
  • If your paper is more than ten pages, please email a copy of your paper at least one business day in advance. You will also need to bring a hard copy to the appointment along with any research and your professor's instructions/rubric.

GRST 500 - What You Need to Know

You may notice GRST 500 on your Blackboard course listing, and you may have some questions about it. Read to learn more.

GRST 500

  • GRST 500 stands for "Introduction to Graduate Writing" and is a required course for all incoming residential graduate students.
  • Though it does not contribute credits toward your degree program, GRST 500 will prepare you for the unique expectations of graduate-level writing. Topics include: documentation, thesis development, organization, and writing in various genres. 

The Course

  • To complete GRST 500, you must either (1) pass the embedded assessment, or (2) attend the six class sessions and complete the coursework.
  • To learn more about the course, please see the GRST 500 textbook.

The Assessment

  • The Graduate Writing Assessment is multiple-choice and deals with grammar and critical thinking.
  • The assessment is a mandatory requirement for ALL incoming residential graduate students.
    • Assessment for Residential Students: If students answer at least 38 questions correctly, they are exempt from GRST 500. If students do not answer 38 questions correctly, they are required to take GRST 500.
    • Assessment for Online Students: Online graduate students placed in GRST 500 must complete the course regardless of their assessment test score. 
  • All students must remain registered for GRST 500 regardless of their score on the test. Students will “pass” at the end of the semester when final grades are submitted.