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Information for Tutors

Tutoring Services offers numerous positions for tutoring, some of which are paid positions. Students can also tutor for Christian Service credit. Students who excel in a subject and enjoy the material are given the opportunity to help other students who struggle in that subject.  Tutors and students alike feel blessed by the experience.

Tutor Information

Tutor Application

  • The tutoring form should only be filled out after you have spoken to the Tutor Coordinator
  • Select the link below called Tutor Application
  • Fill-out the form and press submit
  • Be as thorough as possible
  • After submitting the form, e-mail the Tutor Coordinator at and provide the times you are available to tutor
  • Provide at least three hours worth of time that you can tutor
  • The Tutor Coordinator will pick 2-3 different time and schedule you based on the time he/she chooses.
  • Tutor Application

Alert Form

  • The Alert Form is located at Alert Form.
  • This form should only be filled out if you have a serious concern for the student’s academic or emotional status. (Please access the link and look over the form to see what we consider issues to be alerted on)
  • Access the link above and select the form called Alert Form
  • Fill out the form, save and attach it to an e-mail that you should send to


Below are a few of the comments we received from both tutors and students regarding their experience.

Tutor: “Yes! It’s my ministry. I love doing it.”

Student: "I have gone from a below average grade to almost an A average and tutoring has helped me drastically in this area."

Tutor: “I really enjoy it (tutoring) because it allows me to develop a skill outside of my major and really make a difference.”

Student: “She was really sweet and helpful. She took time to really explain the material. She also has offered numerous times to help me outside of the sessions!”

Tutor: “I thoroughly enjoyed tutoring as it was beneficial for my TESL major. Many of my tutees encouraged me and helped me with my teaching skills.”