Heather Schoffstall

Classes Taught

  • CLST 100 (LUO)
  • CLST 101 (residential and LUO)
  • CLST 102 (residential)
  • CLST 103 (residential)
  • CLST 105 (residential)

Educational Background

Dr. Heather Schoffstall received her Bachelor’s degree in Counseling in 1995, and then received a Master’s degree in Special Education in 1997, both from Old Dominion University. She received her doctorate in Instructional Leadership from Argosy University in 2009. 

She taught in the public schools for seven years before being called to work at Liberty in 2003.  She was appointed the director of the Bruckner Learning Center in 2005 and more recently, was appointed to Executive Director of Academics for the Center for Academic Support & Advising Services (CASAS) in 2013. 


She was born and raised in a suburb of Sacramento, California in the city of Citrus Heights.  Growing up, she was very athletic, a competitive gymnast and diver.  Because of her successful diving career, she earned a scholarship to Old Dominion University.  While in college, she was also a competitive power lifter.


She met her husband in college at Old Dominion University.  They were married in 1995, the summer after they graduated with their Bachelor’s degrees.  Both she and her husband grew up in good homes, but not in Christian homes.  The pastor, who married them, had planted many seeds during their counseling sessions prior to their wedding.  Although he did not lead them to the Lord, they felt at the beginning of the marriage an emptiness that could not be explained.  They just kept saying that there was something missing.  They began attending a little church in Portsmouth, Virginia where David Phillips, an interim pastor at the time, led them both to the Lord.  Their lives have not been the same since.


They wanted children right away; however, it was not an easy process as it took her nine years to have their wonderful little boy, Toby.  He is their “miracle baby.”  Not only did it take nine years to have Toby, he was also born two months premature.  Along with spending time with her family, Dr. Schoffstall enjoys scrapbooking, reading, and attending sporting events.

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