Connie Hansen

Classes Taught:

  • CLST 100 (Residential and LUO)
  • CLST 101 (Residential)
  • CLST 103 (Residential)

Educational Background

Mrs. Hansen’s primary teaching load represents the College Learning Strategy courses 100, 101, and 103.  She also serves as an Advisor for the Office of Disability Academic Support. She has been teaching here at Liberty for 17 years. She holds two masters from Lynchburg College.  Her “claim to fame” is that she is a product of Liberty University’s undergraduate program. She is personally aware of the influence Liberty’s atmosphere and caring professors can leave on a student’s life.


Little did she know when she came to Liberty as a freshman that she would find her husband and permanently settle down here in Lynchburg. Even though she is now widowed, her family is everything to her. She has two great sons, a precious daughter in law, and an adorable granddaughter. Her oldest son and his wife attended UVA and are now working in their professions, active in their church, and nurturing their toddler.  Her youngest son graduated a couple of years from Liberty with a Business major and continues to be excited about his new salary positioned job.  Due to her sons’ ages, she believes she can understand and appreciate what the typical college student experiences.


Though she became a Christian at the age of 13, she remembers the anxiety and loneliness of her first couple weeks as a freshman here at college. God decided to show her scripture in Deuteronomy which gave her comfort. Having been a Christian for 37 years, she can say that the Lord continues to be her strength and comfort and she continues to claim this verse.

Life Verse: When thou art in tribulation and all these things have come upon thee even in the latter days, If thou shall turn to the Lord thy God and be obedient until his voice; for the Lord thy God is a merciful God; He will not forsake thee, neither destroy thee, nor forget the covenant of the fathers which he swear unto them.  Deut. 4:30-31

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