Payment Plan Information

Returning students need to register and complete Financial Check-In as early as possible each term to take advantage of the best payment options. Click here to see the Registration Schedule. The best payment options are always early each semester opening.  

Financial Check-In opens with your registration for returning students.

Financial Check-In must be completed in order for New Resident students to register for courses, receive a housing assignment, and select a meal plan. Please contact the Admissions Office (800) 543-5317 for information related to Financial Check-In incentives.

Payment Plan

Liberty University offers students the option of paying remaining balances through a monthly payment plan.  The payment plan is an interest-free payment arrangement with a one-time $45 payment plan participation fee factored into the student's total balance.  The payment plan is fully automated - students are not required to mail in, phone in, or make web payments to satisfy installment drafts.  Please be sure to review your Financial Check-In Contract for all terms and conditions.   

 Available Payment Plans

Payments for the automated installment plans are NOT mailed in or made online.  If an installment plan is chosen, the payments will automatically be drafted from the bank account or credit card information entered on the system.  The student is contacted by LU web mail and phone regarding all draft issues.

Payment Plan Adjustments

It is the responsibility of the student to confirm any adjustments to an installment plan.  Students are encouraged to review their FCI accounts at least 5 days prior to each of the remaining automated draft dates to ensure that draft amounts accurately correlate with any outstanding balance.  The students burden of responsibility to lock in the TPP adjustments is outlined in the Check-In Contract.  Please be sure to understand all terms and conditions of the TPP agreement at the time of FCI completion.  The adjustment process is not complete until students all the way through Financial Check-In receiving a new "Check-In Receipt" page.  All adjustments must be confirmed five days prior to your next installment draft date.

  • Adjustments to the Payment Plan are needed whenever changes occur on the Student Account resulting in an increase or decrease to the remaining drafts.
  • It is the student's and/or financially responsible party's responsibility to review Financial Check-In on ASIST monthly to make any necessary adjustment to the payment plan.  New amounts must be confirmed five (5) days prior to the next draft date.
  • Instructions to Adjust a Payment Plan

Updating Account Information

It is the responsibility of the student to confirm that payment plan account information is valid.  The account information update process is not complete until students click all the way back through Financial Check-In receiving a NEW "Check-In Receipt" page.  All information updates must be confirmed five days prior to your next installment draft date. All requests to adjust or change the terms of an existing payment plan outside of Financial Check-In will incur a $25 Payment Plan Administrative fee if the request is approved by Liberty University Student Accounts Office.

How to address Return and Decline Payments