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Student Refunds


When Will I Receive My Student Refund?

All student refunds will be processed after the semester begins within the Federal Standard Guidelines from the time the credit appears on the students account ("credit appears" refers to financial aid disbursement - visit the Financial Aid Office homepage under the Aid Disbursements link for more information).  The refunds department will typically refund any eligible credit resulting from Title IV aid to Higher One on the 25th day after the start of a student's sixth credit hour (third credit hour for Doctoral students), which is four days after the date of disbursement.  However, Federal Standard guidelines allow Liberty University to release the eligible funds to students no later than 14 days from the date of disbursement.  Student Accounts will not release a refund if the student authorizes Liberty University to hold a credit balance through Financial Check-In (see below section).

Refund Process

Qualified students can receive a refund from their student account when a credit balance is present.  End of Academic Year Policy:  At the end of each academic year, all Title IV (Federal Grants or Federal Loans) credit balances must be refunded.

The student must register a refund preference with their Higher One card according to instructions provided with the Higher One card.  You can choose one of the following two options:

  • OneAccount (1-3 Business Days) - Liberty University releases and transfers the refund to Higher One.  It may take one to three business days for the funds to be accessible by the student through the Higher One card.

  • Deposit to another account (2-3 Business Days) - Have funds transferred via electronic funds transfer into designated personal checking account.

Have you updated your Higher One Refund Preference, yet?  Log-in and update it now!

Higher One Refund Management General Web Announcement:

We are pleased to announce that we have recently conducted a thorough vendor evaluation process to ensure all Liberty University students, faculty, and staff are afforded the best possible service for managing their student account refunds.  In this process, Liberty University vetted each vendor’s services, fees, regulatory compliance, and convenience for our student population.  As a result of this process, we have selected Higher One, Inc., as our continued refund management partner.  There are many exciting changes coming that will assist with better access and affordability. We will continue to update and inform you of these exciting changes throughout the coming months. 

Am I Eligible to Receive a Refund?

Financial Check-In provides students with two credit-management options through the Credit Balance Options page of Financial Check-In.

  • By Selecting "Hold my credit" you authorize Liberty University to hold a Title IV credit balance for a future term.

  • By Selecting "Refund my credit" you authorize Liberty University to release a Title IV refund to the student (in all cases except Parent Plus loan refunds).

Note - All Title IV (Federal Grants or Federal Loans) credit balances must be refunded at the end of each academic year.

Any questions concerning refund eligibility should be directed to

Refund Recipients

Parent PLUS Loans: The parent receives the refund unless the 2013-2014 Federal Direct Parent/Grad PLUS Loan Change Request Form is submitted to Financial Aid office stating that the parent permits the student to receive the refund).  It can be found at as well.

All Other Loans:  The student receives the refund via his or her Higher One preference.

Other Refunds:  The student submits the refund request to the Student Accounts Office via for Resident students and for Liberty University Online students.

NOTE:  Refund from credit or debit card payments will be refunded back to the original payment card when the refund request is made by email