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About IT

System Uptime

Blackboard - 99.99%
Website - 99.99%
IPTV- 99.95%
Network - 99.98%



Toll-Free: (866) 447-2869
staff Local: (434) 592-7800
staff Green Hall 1539
staff DeMoss Hall 2184 (Computer Lab)


Information Technology

Liberty University Information Technology provides technology services & support to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the general public. 

News & Updates

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Additional news stories

IT You Matter

Frojo Madeline Gay
Business Data Analyst II
Madeline approaches every email she receives with a spirit of kindness and helpfulness. She makes a conscious effort to ensure that users feel they can ask questions. . Her responses are quick and timely, combatting a growing perception that IT is becoming slow. She has also led multiple in-person training sessions where she interacts with faculty. Madeline is an important asset to the academic ADS team and will be a key player long-term.


IT You matter