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Customize your undergraduate degree by exploring multiple Areas of Study and combining them into one major. Through the Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS) program at Liberty University, you can choose two or three Areas of Study to tailor your own Degree Completion Plan.

INDS will equip you to join a globalized workforce, gain the abilities to speak across multiple disciplines, effectively communicate new ideas, and manage today’s changing work environments.

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Why They Chose INDS

Cierra Carter

Cierra Carter
Journalism, Biblical Studies, and Global Studies

"My biggest issue when deciding on a major has always been that I know what I don’t want to do, but there’s still so much more than I’m interested in. The ability to combine my passions was a great opportunity. I think the Interdisciplinary Studies degree makes me marketable because it shows that I have diverse interests."

Isabelle Almoyan

Isabelle Almoyan
Theatre Arts, Cinematic Arts, and Strategic Communication

"I chose to pursue a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies because I believed it was the best fit for me and my career. Deciding to major in Interdisciplinary Studies not only gave me the freedom to choose classes that I was truly passionate about but also gave me the option to be trained in three different areas rather than one."

Caleb Lenehan

Caleb Lenehan
Theatre Arts and Cinematic Arts

"My Interdisciplinary Studies degree makes me more marketable to employers because they see the courses I’ve taken through the Interdisciplinary Studies program and notice that I have challenged myself tremendously. In the end, it has helped me stand out among other students in broad majors."

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