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School of Engineering and Computational Sciences - Web Technology & Design

In many schools, artistically-talented technology students and technologically-talented graphic design students are forced to pick between their interests. The Web Technology & Design major is unique because it allows students who are interested in both art and computing technology to use their talents in one of the fastest growing areas of technology.

The proliferation of the World Wide Web and the e-commerce it supports is one of the primary driving forces on today’s technology. Think of,,, etc. With the explosion of internet technologies is an accompanying demand for web technology professionals with skill sets that are relevant to their occupations. Despite the stock market's "Dot-com bubble" in the late 1990's which served to stabilize speculation, all analyses indicate that this demand will continue on an upward trend for many years to come.

Students who choose the Web Technology & Design major will be preparing for careers that place high emphasis on the use of current web-based technologies. Most importantly they will have a CIO’s perspective on developing and running an e-commerce business. Potential occupations include web programmers, web engineers, graphic designers, software developers, software project managers, database administrators, network administrators, software trainers and support specialists, systems administrators, data processing managers, and decision support specialists.

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