MA in History

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different tracks?
Yes, Thesis (30 hours) and Non-thesis (36 hours)

Are there different areas of content emphasis?
Yes, European and American

Is there a foreign language requirement?
For European only (12 undergraduate hours)

Is there a GPA requirement?
3.0 (case by case probation)

Is the Program online?
Yes, there is a residential and an online program

What are the Prerequisites?
18-30 hours (30 preferred) undergraduate history lower or upper hours

How many graduate hours can I transfer?
6 (must have been take within the last 10 years; core courses must be taken at Liberty [those with HIST designation])

How do I fill out an application for admission?
Go to ASIST at

  • Click on ‘Apply Now’
  • Follow the instructions to complete your application
  • Note: the application for admission should not be sent to the History Department; it should be sent to Graduate Admissions
  • Note also: Students who have attended Liberty University previously may contact admissions at 1-800-424-9596 and fill out an application over the phone

What other documents are required?

  • Official Transcripts
  • 1 academic recommendation letter (preferred 2)
  • 300 - 500 word purpose statement on why you want to study graduate history at Liberty
  • 10-12 page research paper with application. The paper should use the Turabian (Chicago Manual) style. (This can be a paper previously written in an undergraduate class).
  • Students must choose a Thesis or Non-Thesis track
  • Note: GRE scores required.

Can I send documents electronically?
Yes. All documents with the possible exception of official transcripts can be sent electronically.  Send all documents to the following email address:

How do I apply for a Graduate Student Assistantship (covers up to 21 hours per year and a stipend)? 
Contact Kris Burdeaux at to receive a link to our direct GSA application on the Human Resources website.

What are the course descriptions?
See the course description page

Degree Completion Plans