Aeronautics Minor

A minor in Aeronautics is compatible with any degree. The course of study consists of the 19 academic credit hours listed below and a minimum of 35 flight hours (The minimum number of hours required to obtain a PPL from the FAA.)

Students must pay a lab fee for the flight instruction and use of the aircraft.

The Aeronautics minor is designed to prepare students to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) written examination for both a Private Pilot’s License and an Instrument Rating, however the Instrument Flight training is not a requirement for this minor.

Students interested in preparing only to take the FAA Examination for a Private Pilot’s License may do so by completing the classes listed below:

  • AVIA - 102 - Aviation Orientation (1 Credit Hours)
  • AVIA - 210 - Private Ground I (2 Credit Hours)
  • AVIA - 215 - Private Ground II (2 Credit Hours)
  • AVIA - 220 - Private Flight I (3 Credit Hours)
  • AVIA - 225 - Private Flight II (3 Credit Hours)
  • AVIA - 300 - Aviation Safety (2 Credit Hours)
  • AVIA - 305 - Airplane Aerodynamics (3 Credit Hours)
  • AVIA - 310 - Instrument Ground (3 Credit Hours)

Academic Information

If you have any questions, please contact:

Natalie Waters
Administrative Assistant
School of Aeronautics
(434) 582-2183