Paper Recycling


 "SORT at the SOURCE” is as easy as 123  

1. SEPARATE your paper: 

WHITE Paper: mostly white office paper and envelopes
MIXED Paper:
colored office paper, catalogs, hard and softbound books,
junk mail, magazines, newspaper, phone books, and boxboard. 

2. Use two 9' x 12" cardboard containers (which we supply):

Boxes sit on end with “White” or “Mixed” label facing up for easy identification.
Most office paper fits perfectly and can be stacked neatly for maximum storage.
Stack paper face down for added confidentiality*.

3. When the box is full: 

Take paper to a SECURE* collection site.
Dorm collection sites are NOT meant for staff & faculty use.
The recycling team will empty the collection sites periodically.

All paper collected from offices by the recycling team is handled as confidential
material, stored in secured locations until it is destroyed.
Clear trash bags are available for offices that shred for easy recognition.
Please shred white and mixed paper separately.