School of Education Faculty & Staff

Administrative Faculty

Dr. Heather Schoffstall

Dr. Karen Parker
Dean Emeritus, Special Accreditation Liaison to the Dean

Michael Shenkle
Associate Dean for Operations

Dr. Clark Zealand
Associate Dean of Academics

Dr. Michelle Goodwin
Senior Assistant Dean, Teacher Education/Licensure

Dr. Deanna Keith
Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Kurt Michael
Assistant Dean of Doctoral Programs & Research

Ronda Heerspink
Executive Director of Faculty Support

Michele Worley
Executive Director of Operations



Dr. Beth Ackerman
Chair of Special Education

Dr. Esther Alcindor
Chair of Early & Elementary Education

Dr. Andrea Beam
Chair of Middle Grades & Secondary Education

Dr. Russell Claxton
Chair of Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Randall Dunn
Chair of Technology & Innovation

Professor Annyce Maddox
Chair of Pre-Licensure

Dr. Samuel Smith
Chair of Educational Leadership

Dr. James Swezey
Chair of Qualitative Dissertation Research

Dr. Scott Watson
Chair of Quantitative Dissertation Research



Dr. Ellen Black

Dr. Stacey Bose
Assistant Professor

Dr. Daniele Bradshaw
Assistant Professor

Dr. Kristina DeWitt
Associate Professor

Dr. Lisa Foster
Associate Professor

Dr. David Holder
Assistant Professor

Dr. Monica Huband
Assistant Professor

Dr. Christy James
Associate Professor

Dr. Harvey Klamm
Graduate Field Director, Assistant Professor

Dr. Fred Milacci

Dr. Kathie Morgan

Dr. John Pantana

Dr. Leonard Parker

Dr. Lucinda Spaulding
Associate Professor

Professor Maria Spaulding
Coordinator of Student Teaching

Dr. Russell Yocum