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Dr. Carey Martin

Digital Media & Communication Arts Broadcasting Professor
Office: Demoss Hall 3002F
(434) 582-7773

Teaching at Liberty University since 2007, Dr. Carey Martin brings to the academic world over 20 years of professional experience as a writer, director, producer, actor and videographer in multiple media organizations.

“Before I ever stepped in a classroom, I spent a lot of years in a lot of different venues in the so-called ‘real world.’ My goal for my students is that I pass on—to each of them—at least a glimpse of what that real world has in store.”

Accompanying his real world experience are his postsecondary and graduate degrees. Dr. Martin received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University and his Master of Fine Arts in motion pictures, television and recording arts, as well as his Ph.D. in communication, from Florida State University.

 With over 20 years of professorship of higher education in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, Dr. Martin uses both his professional and educational experience to bring joy to his students and himself.

To him, both offer unique opportunities for growth.

“I enjoy the professional side for what I get, and I enjoy the professorial side for what I give.”

In addition to instructing both undergraduate and graduate students, Dr. Martin is actively involved with the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) and the conferences the organization offers to students and professors alike.

“It provides a great showcase in our annual festival of media arts. You can submit your work and see how it stacks up against what students from other institutions are doing.”

Despite a demanding residential and online teaching schedule, Dr. Martin remains active in the professional side of media. Most recently, his award-winning screenplay, “Oh-fer,” was optioned for production by an independent cinema group.

Dr. Martin has received numerous awards for his talents in both teaching and professional media. His professorial awards include admittance in the Who’s Who in America in 2009, the Most Inspiring Instructor of Communications at East Carolina University, and the Outstanding Instruction in Student Filmmaking award from the Blue Moon Film Festival in 2007. His professional awards include first place in screenwriting from the Alamo Film Competition for Florida Students in 1992, the Best of Festival King Foundation Award for faculty scriptwriting presented by the BEA, and the Best of Competition award in shorts also presented by the BEA.

During his spare time, Dr. Martin enjoys spending time with his wife, Traci, and their daughter, Bethany, a self-proclaimed thrill-seeking, danger kid who takes after her dad.

The father and daughter duo enjoy archery as well as the more extreme sports of hang gliding and white water rafting.

“We have the same taste for adrenaline,” Dr. Martin grinned.

In addition to spending time with his family, Dr. Martin enjoys reading, writing and exploring the changes media has made since he first became interested in the field when he was 5-years-old.

“One of the things that I’m really excited about in modern media, both as a practitioner and as a professor, is this newly realized concept of transmedia story worlds—of telling different stand alone, but nevertheless, linked stories in different media about the same world.”

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