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School of Education: (434) 582-2445
School of Education Fax: (434) 582-2468


Dr. Heather Schoffstall, Dean, School of Education

Dr. Karen Parker   Dean Emeritus, School of Education 

Dr. Michael Shenkle Associate Dean, Operations

Dr. Clark T. W. Zealand, Associate Dean, Academics

Dr. Michelle Goodwin, Senior Assistant Dean, Teacher Education/Licensure

Dr. Deanna L. Keith, Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies

Dr. Kurt Y. Michael, Assistant Dean, Doctoral Programs and Research

Dr. Beth Ackerman, Chair, Special Education

Dr. Esther Alcindor, Chair, Early and Elementary Education

Dr. Andrea Beam, Chair, Middle Grades and Secondary Education

Dr. Russ Claxton, Chair, Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Randall Dunn, Chair, Technology and Innovation

Dr. Samuel J. Smith, Chair, Educational Leadership

Dr. James Swezey, Chair, Qualitative Research

Dr. Scott Watson, Chair, Quantitative Research

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Education Advisor Education Advisor: Please contact your Personal Academic Advisor. For more information on how to contact your Personal Academic Advisor, please view the 'Academic Advisor' widget located on your MyLU Webpage. 1-855-466-9218

Gate 1 - Admissions Graduate Admissions-- 1-800-424-9596 (options 2, 4) Registration-- 1-800-424-9596 (options 1,1,1,4)

Gate 2 - Teacher Licensure Admission Graduate Gate 2 Application Content Competency Evaluations

Gate 3 - Student Teaching Admission Graduate Gate 3 Questions (Student Teaching/Internship)

Gate 4 - Licensure Paperwork Gate 4 Questions

Background Clearances Background Clearances

Dissertation Dissertation Questions

Field Experience Local Field Placements (Practicums & Student Teaching/Internship) External Practicum Placements Graduate External Field Placements (Student Teaching/Internship)

Licensure Licensure Paperwork ACSI Questions Student Teaching/Internship Stipends

LiveText General LiveText LiveText HelpDesk (IT Support)-- (866-548-3839) Local Field FEM Placements External Field FEM Placements


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Course Assignments and Grading Help Desk (Blackboard, WebMail, etc)-- (434) 592-7800 MBS Online--Textbooks