Teacher Education


UGuide: Undergraduate Advising Guide


New Requirements

  • GPA:  As of July 1, 2016, the GPA requirement for acceptance into licensure programs will be 3.0.  This change also applies to students applying to Gate 3 for Spring 2017 student teaching and internship.

  • Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (5354)

    • Effective for 2/1/2016 Gate 3 deadline

What are the basics of Liberty’s Teacher Education Program?

What advising resources are available for beginning my teacher education program?

What are the Gates to the Teacher Licensure Program and what do they mean for me?

What are some resources I should consult to be successful in Liberty's Teacher Education Program?

What resources are available for licensure and testing requirements?

What do I need to know about the field experiences in my program?

What types of resources are available for my student teaching experience?

How can I meet my professional organization requirements?

What if I need help with LiveText?

Other Helpful Information

What resources are available to help me find employment after I graduate?