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Extracurricular Offerings



     Possibly the most valuable skill a lawyer can have, and the most simple to develop is the ability to network. The Pre-Law Society is a place for you to fellowship with others who are planning to attend law school in the future. The Society assists with the various other programs, and its members have the first opportunity to join the teams and publish in the Journal. Since the Pre-Law Society is largely involved in bringing lecturers to the University, they also have a unique opportunity to personally meet with these honored guests. The members of the Society also have an opportunity to converse with administrators at a variety of different law schools. Although there are many academic reasons to become involved in the Society, there is also a social and networking component to the meetings. For more information concerning the Pre-Law Society email us at

     Our Pre-Law Society is associated with the National Christian Pre-Law Society, and this affiliation gives students a broader community for fellowship.   Additionally, the Christian Legal Society is another organization that will be a valuable resource for you now, and once you enter law school.