Master of Education (M.Ed.)

School Counseling - Licensure

View information for School Counseling Candidates on a DCP Prior to 2013-2014 if you are using a Degree Completion Plan (DCP) prior to academic year 2013-2014.

NOTE: Appeals will NOT be accepted from MEd/School Counselor students who were on a DCP prior to 2013-2014, broke enrollment, and want to go back on their former DCP. This cannot be allowed because DCP’s prior to 2013-2014 do not meet CACREP program requirements, and allowing it would jeopardize the program’s CACREP accreditation.

If you are completing the School Counseling Degree using the 2013-2014 DCP or later, then you should refer to the following documents and forms below.


  • No teaching license required for internship
  • Two years of teaching or counseling experience required for Virginia licensure
    • May be acquired during the M.Ed. program
    • May be acquired while employed as assistant counselor with provisional license
  • Required Intensives: EDCE 505, EDCE 512, EDUC 622, and EDCE 661
  • Field experiences, Practicum, and internship
  • Licensure Tests by Gate 3
    • Praxis II: Professional School Counselor (0421 or 5421) will be required at Gate 3 effective for February 1, 2014 deadline and after (applying for Summer 2014 internship and after). You may also submit scores for your state’s equivalent test in place of the Praxis II 0421 or 5421. If your state does not have an equivalent then you must complete the Praxis II 0421 or 5421. You may review the student companion for the Praxis II exam and register for the exam. Currently, there is no minimum score for Liberty University's M.Ed. in School Counseling program, but you should be mindful of minimum scores for other states in which you may be seeking licensure.

Practicum Information

  • School Counseling students are required to complete a LiveText application before they are permitted to register for the EDCE 698: School Counseling Practicum. The prerequisites for EDCE 698 are EDCE 501, EDCE 505, background check clearance, professional liability insurance through the American Counseling Association (ACA), and an approved practicum application. View directions to complete the "EDCE 698 Practicum Application" in LiveText.