Educational Leadership Preparation Programs

Building-level and District-level


  • Current state teaching licensure required: elementary, middle grades, secondary or special education
  • Three years of full-time contractual teaching experience required (may be acquired during M.Ed. program)
    • Must have at least one year of full-time contractual teaching experience prior to internship
  • Intensives: EDUC 641, 645, and a third elective intensive as indicated by the Degree Completion Plan; three intensives total are required.
  • Field experiences and internship
  • Licensure Tests (passing scores PRIOR to applying for Gate 3*)
  • Virginia candidates for preK-12 principal or assistant principal must pass the SLLA with a minimum score of 163. The only Virginia candidates exempt from the SLLA are those seeking a license strictly for district office service.
    • Out-of-state candidates are to pass their own state’s designated licensure exam. If their state does not have a licensure exam, they must meet the Virginia passing scores on the SLLA.

*Note: Passing SLLA scores at Gate 3 are preferred. However, students are allowed to submit a registration receipt for the SLLA with test date up to two months after the Gate 3 Application initial submission deadline for probationary status. Register at