Student Teaching/Internship Requirements

Student Teaching and Internship [Licensure Programs]

Gate 3 Application Instructions & Deadlines

Gate 3 Guide: Initial Licensure (Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Special Education)


Gate 3 Guide: Advanced Licensure (School Administration, Program Specialist and School Counseling)

Student Teaching Handbook

Internship Handbook

Stipend Information for Cooperating Teachers and On-Site Mentors

Internship/student teaching requires ONE FULL SEMESTER (15 weeks) in the last semester of the degree program. It is the culmination of all coursework and pre-professional experience. Therefore, it is important to prepare thoroughly and decrease outside responsibilities during this semester. Candidates seeking DUAL endorsement (e.g. Elementary and Special Education) must serve in two 7 ½ week student teaching placements and register for two student teaching courses.

First placement / course:  EDUC 59_ Student Teaching

Second placement / course:  EDUC 599 Student Teaching: Second Endorsement

M.A.T. Programs: Student Teaching Requirements

Course Setting Requirements

EDUC 590/592
(3 credit hrs)

Dual endorsements (e.g., Elementary & Special Education):

EDUC 590/592 and EDUC 599

Course fee: $200
(for Cooperating Teacher)

Traditional student teaching with cooperating teacher

  • Elementary: PreK-6 general education classroom
  • Special Ed: Two placements (preK-6 & 6-12) with ED, LD, MR
  • Secondary: 6-12 classroom in endorsement area
  • Comprehensive: Two placements (preK-6 & 6-12) in endorsement area

Student teachers are required to be in the classroom for the full work day every day during the entire student teaching semester. Dates correspond with Liberty's academic semester.

Student teachers gradually assume primary responsibility for teaching duties and classroom management.

Minimum: 300 cumulative hours, including 150 directed student teaching
*Note that the 300 hours is the minimum, but the actual total hours in student teaching will well exceed this requirement.

EDUC 591/593
(3 hrs)
Student Teaching II
Course fee: ($200 for On-site Mentor)

Teaching in own classroom in appropriate level/subject for endorsement with on-site supervisor

Student teachers student teach in the classrooms in which they have been hired as the full-time, contractual teacher. Student teachers maintain their job duties and fulfill student teaching requirements.


M.Ed. Programs: Internship Requirements
*Advanced licensureCopy of teaching license and work experience form required


EDUC 699
(3 hrs)
Course fee: ($200 for On-site Mentor)

Five administration settings
(elementary, middle school, high school, district office and agency)

Internship plan approved by Program Coordinator


Minimum: 320 cumulative hours of field experiences during the program.  120 hours may occur before the internship.   EDUC 699 is an internship of 200 minimum hours.  3 years teaching experience in accredited school required

School Counseling
EDCE 698: School Counseling Practicum (3 hrs) One non-K-12 school setting (can be completed in a clinical or college setting) 150 hours

EDCE 699
(3 hrs; 2 semester)
School Counseling
Course fee: ($200 for On-site Supervisor)

Two school counseling settings (one elementary and one secondary [middle or high school])


Minimum: 600 hrs. cumulative (over two semesters)
including at least 300 hrs in each level – K-6 and 7-12.


Program Specialist

EDUC 699
(3 hrs)
Program Specialist
Course fee: ($200 for On-site Mentor)

Specialist in early childhood, gifted, math or reading
Internship plan approved by Program Coordinator

Minimum: 200 hrs. cumulative
three years teaching experience in accredited school required for math or reading specialist

Non-licensure track: Candidates submit paperwork to Field Experience Director

EDUC 696 or 698
(3 hrs)
Current Issues in Education or Directed Practicum

Practicum plan approved by Field Experience Director

EDUC 696: No field experience hours required

EDUC 698: 120 hrs. cumulative