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Teaching Licensure Information

Candidates who are interested in a teaching or advanced state license must complete a Virginia Department of Education approved program. To be eligible for verification forms for other states, the licensure office must verify that candidates have completed one of our approved licensure programs. Programs that lead to licensure will involve coursework, licensure tests, and student teaching or internship.

Licensure Exams

An important requirement for meeting teacher licensure standards in the Commonwealth of Virginia is successful completion of the required licensure tests. Candidates who fail to complete the required tests successfully are not eligible to be recommended for the Virginia Collegiate Professional License. The tests must be passed before applying to the Gates and may be repeated, should low scores necessitate such action. Candidates should seek competent advice from advisors regarding the choice of dates for attempting testing.

Licensure Training

Please retain the certificates from these trainings for your records. They should also be uploaded to your LiveText Portfolio.

  • Child Abuse Prevention: Online training is required.
  • Civics Modules: Online training is required for candidates seeking the elementary endorsement or the middle and/or secondary social science endorsement.
  • Dyslexia Awareness Training Module: Online training is required.
  • First Aid/CPR Training: The Virginia Department of Education requires hands-on/face-to-face training, which must include: 
    • Emergency first aid
    • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
    • The use of automated external defibrillators (AED)
    • Registration Options
    • Proof of CPR training is required.
  • Industry Certification Credential – VDOE

Teaching in Other States

Graduates who have successfully completed Liberty University's Educator Preparation Provider program and who have met all standards for teacher licensure in Virginia can be recommended for licensure in other states. The Commonwealth of Virginia operates within the Interstate Licensure Compact, which means that other states in the compact recognize and freely accept incoming licensure applications from Virginia-based programs.

In most cases, other states will require proof that the student has successfully completed a state-approved teacher licensure program. Assistance in securing this license is provided to all of those who are completing student teaching/internship; this is processed after all coursework has been successfully completed and the degree has been posted.

Licensure information is typically available online for the various State Departments of Education in other states. Those wishing to pursue licensure in other states should obtain the necessary information and application materials for the processing of requests. The Teacher Licensure Office personnel will assist candidates in preparation and submission of documents required for licensure.

Additional Endorsements per VDOE

Per VDOE, an individual who holds an active teaching license may add an additional teaching endorsement to the license by passing a rigorous academic subject test prescribed by the Board of Education. This testing option does not apply to individuals who are seeking an early/primary preK-3 or elementary education preK-6 endorsement or who hold a technical professional license, vocational evaluator license, pupil personnel services license, school manager license, or division superintendent license. Individuals may not add an endorsement in special education through testing. Also, an endorsement in administration and supervision cannot be added by testing. If the individual holds a provisional license, the Praxis subject area assessment for his or her original endorsement must be completed before additional endorsements can be added through testing; however, please note that only endorsements in special education are allowable on a provisional special education license.

View more information about licensure assessments from the Virginia Department of Education.

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