Licensure Requirements

If you are interested in a teaching or advanced state license, you must complete a Virginia Department of Education approved program. To be eligible for verification forms for other states, our office must verify that you have completed one of our approved licensure program. View a list of our programs.

Programs that lead to licensure will involve coursework, licensure tests, and student teaching or internship. 


For a list of programs and coursework, please see our list of programs and DCPs. Candidates are expected to be competent in content, skills, and dispositions. Repeated infractions of academic dishonesty and disposition concerns may prevent a candidate from proceeding in a licensure program.

Licensure Exams

Student Teaching and Internship

Decision Making (Gate 3)
These questions will assist you in distinguishing between student teaching (590, 591, 592 or 593), internship (699) or practicum (698).

If an appropriate field experience placement cannot be secured by the School of Education Field Experience Department, the candidate may choose an alternate project or course for degree completion. Lack of placement for student teaching or internship may affect eligibility for licensure.

Repeated infractions of academic dishonesty and disposition concerns may prevent a candidate from receiving a student teaching or internship placement and the School of Education from submitting paperwork for licensure.


An e-portfolio is required in the final semester. A template and grading rubric is available in LiveText.  LiveText is required for those students who are seeking licensure and will be utilized in most methods and residency courses.

Other Licensure Resources

Licensure Resources and Quick Links: (Test Links, Civics Training, Child Abuse Prevention, CPR Requirement)

ACSI Certification

If you are interested in earning an ACSI certificate (in addition to the state license requirements), you must take a minimum of 6 hours of coursework in Bible (BIBL) or Theology (THEO). Suggested courses are:
BIBL 105
BIBL 110
THEO 201
THEO 202
However, other BIBL and THEO courses may be accepted also.

Additional ACSI information