Graduate and LU Online Advising Guide

NOTE: Advising Guide information replaces all previous handbooks.


  • TESL Praxis: English to Speakers of Other Languages (5362) - Effective for 2/1/2017 Gate 3 deadline
  • Travel for Course Credit

New Program Requirements

Update (Fall '16): Effective for Spring Registration to Enroll in Summer '17 Classes:

To comply with CAEP requirements, the LU School of Education is instituting the following initiatives:

  • EDUC 554 will have the following prerequisites:
    • EDUC 500 or equivalent, EDUC 524 or 656, admission to Educator Preparation Program (Gate 2)

  • EDUC 625 will have the following prerequisites:
    • EDUC 500 or equivalent, EDUC 656, admission to Educator Preparation Program (Gate 2)

  • Admission to the EPP (Educator Preparation Program) is achieved by meeting the requirements for Gate 2. They are as follows:
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0
    • Successful completion of 9 hours coursework
    • Proof of purchase of background check and acknowledgement of full background check requirements
    • Acknowledgement of FES requirements
    • Passing VCLA scores
    • Praxis Core Math (or SAT/ACT scores) – View this page to find out your eligibility for being exempt from Praxis Core Math.
    • Content Competency Evaluation form
    • Promptly begin to work on these new requirements so that you will be able to proceed to registration in Spring '17.
  • GPA: As of July 1, 2016, the GPA requirement for acceptance into licensure programs will be 3.0. This change also applies to students applying to Gate 3 for Spring 2017 student teaching and internship.

General Information  
Background check, Conceptual Framework, Intensives Guide, Orientation, TEACH Grant.

Program Information
Information for program degrees and certificates.

Gate Information
The Gates are a system of "check points" that you must complete in order to finish your program.

Licensure Information
Virginia Department of Education approved programs.

LiveText Information
A Web-based subscription that allows users to create and submit projects and assignments online.

LU Education Video Help Page
Click here to view tutorial videos for program information and other helpful resources.

Dissertation Handbook
The Dissertation Handbook includes detailed information and resources concerning the dissertation process.

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