Financial Facts for International Students

First Year Students

In order to receive an F-1 visa, students are required to present official documentation (within 6 months) to both Liberty University and the U.S. government proving sponsorship for one full academic year. Students are not eligible for increased financial assistance during their first year.

Can I borrow money?

In order to borrow money a student would need a US citizen or US Legal permanent resident to co-sign on a loan. The co-signer would be responsible for the entire balance if the student is not able to pay.

A co-signer must have good financial credit history in order to be approved. New or recent immigrants are not likely candidates for approval.

Can I qualify for additional scholarships?

  • Scholarships for international students are given prior to arrival.
  • The Office of International Student Services does not have scholarships available for current students.
  • Students that had a good high school GPA and test scores may apply for an honors scholarship during the Spring semester of their Freshman year.
  • Students interested in pursuing spiritual leadership on campus may apply for a Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Shepherd position (these provide scholarships).
  • See the International Students Scholarships page


  • Please keep in mind that F-1 students are in the US on the basis of full sponsorship for schooling, therefore, working to support oneself in lieu of receiving sponsorship cannot be condoned. 
  • See the International Employment page for guidlines on student employment.

Who do I talk to about my financial problems?

Your International Student Retention Specialist is the best person to talk to about your financial concerns.

International Student Services Hours

8 a.m.–5 p.m. EST

Closed major holidays

Contact us: (434) 592-4118 - future students - current students

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