Media Services - Classroom Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some issues that are frequently presented to us:

  • “I can’t get the image on my laptop to go onto the screen or tablet”

VGA cableThe first place to start would be to make sure you have the VGA cable (see picture) connected to your computer. Be sure to push the plug in as far as possible so that a good connection is made. Once this is done, check to see if both the SMART tablet and the projector are turned on. Please check to be sure that the projector is powered on and set to the computer input. Now hold down the windows and P key. This should turn on your computer’s external VGA port. Also, check to see if your source on the touchpanel is the source that you are using.  The source option gives you the choice between VGA and HDMI.  Also someone could have switched the source option to "Vines" or "DH 4040" which would not show the laptop image.

  • “How do I get a door unlocked for a class, bible study, etc?”

If you need assistance during our normal business hours, please contact us at 434.592.3649 for Main Campus. Any other time, you must contact LUPD for assistance with getting the room unlocked. The room must be reserved in advance from Campus Calendarfor Media Services to unlock it.

  • “I’d like to check out a laptop, or camera (snapshot or video), what do I need to do to get one?”

All requests for equipment must be made through e-mail, and they must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Please send all request to  ALL laptops are now loaned through the Help Desk, either on Main Campus or Green Hall.  Media Services no longer handles laptop loaners.

  • “I’m having problems getting the pen to work on the Smart board.”

Please check to see if the USB cable is plugged into your computer, and you have the Smart software installed. Both are necessary for the pen to work with the tablet.

  • “Who do I talk to about reserving a classroom for a joint hall meeting, prayer group, bible study, etc.?”

All requests for room usage must be made through Campus Calendar. You can make a request by sending an e-mail to

  • “Do I need to reserve a microphone if I wish to use it in a classroom for activities other than class?”

Yes. By reserving the room for use through campus calendar, you are not automatically reserving the microphone(s) for that room. A separate request sent to will be necessary to reserve the microphone(s) for that room.

  • “I’m having problems getting the projector to come on.”

Please be sure that the power plug for the lectern is pushed into the wall completely (it’s the yellow power plug that should be plugged into the wall at all times). Press the projector power button on the control panel on the lectern. If you see the power LED on the panel flashing red, or if the projector still doesn’t come on, then please contact us at 434.592.3649 for Main Campus and 434.592.3179 for Green Hall.