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The Liberty Campus Band is the house worship band of Liberty University. They lead worship an average of four times a week on Liberty mountain. They can be found in Convocation on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 10AM, and Campus Church on Wednesday nights during each semester. Campus Band is lead by Worship Artist and Liberty Univesity's Worship Pastor Justin Kintzel, and six other undergraduate and graduate students. The Campus Band reportoire is made up of almost 100 songs including many original songs written by Justin Kintzel, members of the Liberty Campus Band, and other Liberty University students, staff, and alumni.

The Liberty Campus Band released a live album / DVD / Bluray entitled "Love Displayed" in April of 2013. You can get it on iTunes here, or get a hard copy, DVD, or Blu-ray here!

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Purchase, Watch, & Learn to play songs from "Love Displayed" Here!