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ICE  (Institutional Challenge Examination)

What is ICE?

ICE exams are Liberty University exams for residential students from Liberty courses and are developed by our faculty.

Registration Procedures

  1. Print ICE Registration Form.
  2. Student must receive permission from the designated course supervisor before registering for an ICE exam.  Supervisor will sign ICE Registration Form if approved.
  3. Student returns registration form to the Bruckner Learning Center (BLC), Green Hall 3000, with $50 registration fee (cash, check or credit card).
  4. Testing Services will contact Registrar's Office for approval.
  5. Testing Services will contact student when approval is granted and exam is ready to be taken.  
  6. Student will pay $80 test administration fee (cash, check or credit card) on day of exam. 

Passing Score

Passing score is 70% for undergraduate and 86% for graduate courses.


The credit granted may only be used at Liberty University. 

A maximum of 30 hours may be used for undergraduate and 14 hours for graduate. 


  • $50 registration fee
  • $80 test administration fee
  • Total cost: $130

Rules for ICE Exams

  • ICE exams may only be taken once.
  • ICE exams may NOT be taken if the course has previously been taken or is currently being taken.
  • ICE exams may be taken during the add/drop period.
  • ICE exams CANNOT be taken after classes begin during the graduation semester.
  • ICE exams must be completed within ONE MONTH of notification of EXAM.
  • ICE credits are not applicable to residency hours.  

Courses approved for ICE exams (subject to change):  

BIBL 105 GREK 202           CHHI 520 OBST 591
BIBL 110 GREK 301   CHHI 525 OBST 592
BIBL 450 GREK 302   NBST 521 OTCL 505
BIBL 497 MATH above 121   NBST 522 OTCL 510
CHEM 107 MUSC 105    NGRK 500 OTCL 530
CSCI 110* MUSC 106   NGRK 501 THEO 525
CSCI 111* PHYS all   NGRK 506 THEO 530
CSCI 112* THEO 201      
EVAN 101 THEO 202      
GREK 201 THEO 497      

* Must be taken in prerequisite order 

For additional questions, please contact Testing Services at (434) 582-2408 or email