Cluster Assignments

Cluster 1-Early Europe
HIEU 321 Greek Civilization
HIEU 322 Roman Civilization
HIEU 360 Medieval Experience
HIEU 366 Foundations of the Modern World 

Cluster 2-Modern Europe
HIEU 355 World War II
HIEU 370 Eighteenth Century Europe
HIEU 380 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIEU 390 Twentieth Century Europe
HIEU 450 Twentieth Century Germany
HIEU 460 Modern England
HIEU 485 History of Russia

Cluster 3-Early American
HIUS 310 American Colonial History
HIUS 312 Era of the American Revolution
HIUS 314 Jeffersonian American
HIUS 316 Jacksonian America
HIUS 341 American Political Parties, 1789-1898
HIUS 390 Virginia History
HIUS 395 Ante-Bellum South
HIUS 420 Civil War and Reconstruction 

Cluster 4-Modern American
HIUS 340 Industrial America
HIUS 342 American Parties, 1898 to Present
HIUS 351 U.S. History, 1917-1945
HIUS 360 American Economic History
HIUS 370 American Foreign Relations
HIUS 390 Virginia History
HIUS 396 New South
HIUS 430 Minorities, Ethnics, Social Movements
HIUS 452 Recent America
HIUS 480 Modern American Military History

Cluster 5-Third World
HIWD 320 History of Africa
HIWD 441 Modern Islamic Civilization
HIWD 450 East Asian Civilization
HIWD 460 Atlantic World
HIWD 471 Latin America: Colonial Period
HIWD 472 Latin America: National Period

Other possibilities:

  • A HIST 490 course may fulfill a cluster requirement if it is not being used to fulfill the History Department's senior seminar requirement.
  • Special Topics Courses (HIEU 497, HIWD 497, HIUS 497) may count towards cluster requirements.
  • Directed Research Courses (HIEU 495, HIWD 495, HIUS 495) may count towards cluster requirements.